2 January 2008

The Princess & the T

First, a question asked a few posts ago:
* miss twist asks, "Shannon--which pattern(s) did you use for your husband's clothes?"

For the short sleeve T-shirts, I used KS2936 and for the sleep pants and long sleeve T-shirts, I used NL6321. I have used this Kwik Sew pattern so many times, I think I'm down to about $0.35 per usage!

Second, many of you have been asking for photos of me wearing my clothes. I hope to have more shots of me in the future, so stayed tuned. I have also been asked for pictures of Simon, so let's start with one of those. I took this shot the other day. Apparently, the holidays don't just take it out of the humans - even a hound can get "dog-tired".

Now, on to something I have meaning to show you for a while now.
Over the last few months, I have completed the first phase (plus another bottom) of a black/brown and cream SWAP. All the pieces are fairly simple, wardrobe-builders. I have posted about some of the garments already. I will post about of all of the garments over the next little while, but today I want to focus on my favourite tank top. I absolutely love the Loes Hinse Princess Tank. It is comfortable and flattering and best of all, now that I have it altered perfectly, I can whip out a new tank top in 45 minutes (from cutting out the fabric to sewing the hem). I have made this top at least twelve times, all in knit fabric. I hope to try my hand at a woven version in the near future. My only problem with this top was getting it to fit properly at the beginning. In Loes Hinse patterns, I usually use XXS for the shoulders and waist, expanding out to XS for the hips. I found, however that this top was far too large on me when using my regular size. I had to fold out a 1/2" on the side panel and place both the front and back piece 3/8" over the fabric fold, for a total removal of 2 1/2". I imagine this top would be fabulous for large busted women as well due to the adjustment possibilities provided by the princess lines.

Pictured are the black, brown and cream versions that I made for this wardrobe.


Sigrid said...

Great plan. Love the idea of using the same basic top a few times in different colors.

Summerset said...

Simon is cute! Isn't it nice when you get a pattern that you can really make work so hard?

Vicki said...

You have great focus with your SWAPS! This black/brown/cream one looks good - and no doubt all those princess tanks (and other items) fit in with your other wardrobe items.

Note to self - add "finish mini wardrobe" to January plans!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pop in & say I've recently found your blog & you have inspired me so much! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful garments (oh & Simon...we used to have Max the beagle but he didn't sew LOL). :)

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Ah this pattern works in your wardrobe like my SW Mission Tank does in mine! It is good to have a great tank top pattern that will go with everything especially since we are both into suited looks now! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon.

I've followed your blog for quite some time and have found it tremendously inspiring! I have a questions. You have commented on several mail order/web sources for fabric (2 of which I have recently used). You have yet to mention Fashion Fabrics Club. What has been your experience with them? I'm on their email list and am tempted, but before I plunge I would like someone's experience. Thanks for sharing your wonderful sewing experiences!