27 November 2010

Making Progress

I am forging forward with my B5523 project.  I found a gorgeous coral wool knit in my stash that I purchased from Fabric Mart a while back and I have cut out all my pattern pieces.  Today, I will be sitting in front on my machines to put it all together.  If all goes well, I can see making up this dress in a few different fabrics, as I really need to flesh out my professional winter wardrobe.  Things are looking a bit sad in the HZC closet these days.

Also, from the "I-didn't-want-to-tell-you-all-because-I'd-rather-increase-my-odds-of-winning-but-that-would-be-wrong-so-I-guess-I'll-tell-you-all-anyhow" file, Denise, of The Blue Gardenia blog fame, is having an amazing giveaway.  So, I suppose you could go check it out.  I'll be right here, trying to work some voodoo magic to ensure that I win.  And not you.          :)

15 November 2010

Lacquer Lundi

Straight to the pretties:

 Essie - Overnight
- purchased at Rachelle's (beauty salon) for $0.50 CDN

Overnight is a lovely traditional red.  If it was the 50s and I wanted a "bad girl" reputation, I'd likely be sporting something along the lines of Overnight.  These days, it fits the bill for the gal that wants a nice solid red in her collection.

Overnight applied nicely, due to the fab formula and great pigmentation. I needed two coats for perfect opacity.  It wore well, with only tip wear after three days.

 Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Gunmetal
- purchased at Rexall (chain drug store) for $2.95 CDN

I love the greys that have been around for the last two seasons - you get the look of a dark nail without the goth references that can accompany the black polishes.  Although I do love a moody black polish, I'm not always looking to go quite so dark, so grey is a nice compromise.  Gunmetal is a gorgeous medium metallic grey that glows on the nail.

Gunmetal applied exceptionally well (as have all of my Xtreme Wears), requiring two coats for full coverage.  It also wore well, with tip wear after two days.

Icing - Roger That
- purchased at Icing for $3.75 CDN

Goodness knows, I love a teal/tuquoise polish, so I could not resist picking up Roger That the last time I was in an Icing store.  The colour is a gorgeous sea colour that makes me long for warm summer days (to all my Aussie and Kiwi friends, I am so jealous of you all right now).

Roger That applied well, but I needed three coats for full opacity.  I am not a fan of applying more than two coats, so this was a bit of a disappointment.  I was also left unhappy by the wear - I had tip wear and major chips after two days.  Colour me unimpressed at the polish formulation.

13 November 2010

Finally, Some Inspiration...

...or at least I hope so.

It will come as no surprise to those of you desperately hoping for some new sewing porn to grace the pages of HZC that my mojo has gone missing for quite a while.  When Simon died in July, it was as if all my desire to create beautiful garments vapourized into the ether.  I guess grief can do that - it wrings you out and leaves an empty husk.  Even with the introduction of joy back into our family through the adoption of dear sweet Hartley, I haven't felt the pull of my sewing room in months.  I have done a few things here and there - a couple pairs of pants and some skirts - but, the need to get involved in big projects has escaped me.

So, I have decided to try making a knit dress.  A simple knit dress.  A simple knit dress, that won't require much fitting and that I should be able to complete in a couple of days.  I'm hoping that this simple knit dress will be the impetus to get my arse back in gear.

I have settled upon Butterick 5523, a fab looking double knit dress, with a cool cowl collar (alliteration, anyone?) and an empire waistline.  This dress will be a nice addition to my cold weather professional wardrobe.

Now, I just need to rifle through the stash and see what I have in the way of double knit.  I know there is some chocolate brown in there that I scored from Fabric Mart a couple of years back. I guess I'll see what's what when I look.

9 November 2010

They Call me Karl

I have expressed my love for Cleaner's Supply in the past.  The prices are exceptional, the customer service is impeccable and the shipping is inexpensive (free, if you buy enough) and fast.  I normally buy all my thread from Cleaner's Supply - they have an excellent selection of Guterman and Maxi-Lock.  I have also purchased some other supplies, like chalk, snaps, a sleeve board and machine needles.

Recently, I received a $10 off a $100+ purchase coupon.  Not one to waste such an opportunity, I decided to buy myself something that I have wanted forever.  I have salivated over the  Fairgate Fashion Designer's Carry-All Kit for years.  It contains:

"Everything you need in a handsome briefcase. Kit includes tools for designing, measuring and finishing: Designer's L-square, Half size L-square, Curve Stick, Variform curve, Variform long curve, Straight edge, Cuff width marking rule, and pattern-making guide."

I cannot wait to get my hands on this fab kit!  I'm pretty sure that by simply owning these tools, I can officially be called a Fashion Designer.  Am I right?  So, effective immediately, I will dye my hair white, don leather driving gloves and dark sunglasses.  I will begin to speak in odd riddles and confound all those around me.  I will singlehandedly revitalize the house of Chanel (except I will rename it, "Shanel").  It's gonna be awesome!

8 November 2010

Lacquer Lundi

Straight to the pretties:

Zoya - Roxy
- purchased at spaboutique.ca for $9.00 CDN

Roxy is a luscious berry shade that is jam-packed with glitter.  It is exactly the type of deep, rich colour with which I always fall in love.  Toss in some sparkle and I am smitten.

Roxy applied nicely, requiring two coats for opacity.  It wore well, with only tip wear after two days.

Zoya - Pru
- purchased at spaboutique.ca for $9.00 CDN

Pru is such an interesting colour.  It is a pretty purply-pink base with a gold shimmer that makes this polish come to life.  I don't normally go for pinks, but Pru is an exception.

Pru applied nicely, although I needed three coats for coverage and even then, it was a bit see-through.  It wore well, with only tip wear after two days.

 Rimmel Lycra Wear 10 + Minerals - Milk Chocolate
- purchased at Shoppers for $3.79 CDN

Milk Chocolate is a light beige creme that I wanted to like more than I do.  Unfortunately, the colour of this polish is so close to the colour of my skin that it virtually disappears on my nails.  I'm not sure what is worse - the crappy colour or the fact that my skin tone closely matches the crappy colour.

Milk Chocolate (despite it's chromatic deficiencies) did apply nicely, covering perfectly in two coats.  It also wore well, with minor tip wear after two days.

7 November 2010

"Fall"ing in Love

I have had a few inquiries about Hartley lately, so I thought I'd post an update.  

To say that I am madly in love with this pup doesn't quite convey exactly how I feel about him.  Everyday, he amazes, amuses and astounds me.  Last weekend we went for a walk at a local park.  The fall colours this year are wonderful, so I couldn't resist taking a few (hundred) pictures.  I have a few to share with you all:

Hartley looking bigger than life!

Hartley found a new friend at one of the local homes that borders on the park grounds.

Hartley and me, cruising along the trail.  Be sure to notice how I intentionally matched the colour of my sweatpants (and hair!) to that of the changing leaves.

Stopping for a treat and posing for a glamour shot.

The Detroit skyline from the top of a hill in the park.  Hello my American friends!

Hartley, doing what he loves - sniffing the air and chasing a stick.
Winding path down to the pond.

The oak leaves look like lace against the lovely blue sky. 

The perfect finish to a perfect day!