8 November 2010

Lacquer Lundi

Straight to the pretties:

Zoya - Roxy
- purchased at spaboutique.ca for $9.00 CDN

Roxy is a luscious berry shade that is jam-packed with glitter.  It is exactly the type of deep, rich colour with which I always fall in love.  Toss in some sparkle and I am smitten.

Roxy applied nicely, requiring two coats for opacity.  It wore well, with only tip wear after two days.

Zoya - Pru
- purchased at spaboutique.ca for $9.00 CDN

Pru is such an interesting colour.  It is a pretty purply-pink base with a gold shimmer that makes this polish come to life.  I don't normally go for pinks, but Pru is an exception.

Pru applied nicely, although I needed three coats for coverage and even then, it was a bit see-through.  It wore well, with only tip wear after two days.

 Rimmel Lycra Wear 10 + Minerals - Milk Chocolate
- purchased at Shoppers for $3.79 CDN

Milk Chocolate is a light beige creme that I wanted to like more than I do.  Unfortunately, the colour of this polish is so close to the colour of my skin that it virtually disappears on my nails.  I'm not sure what is worse - the crappy colour or the fact that my skin tone closely matches the crappy colour.

Milk Chocolate (despite it's chromatic deficiencies) did apply nicely, covering perfectly in two coats.  It also wore well, with minor tip wear after two days.


Heather said...

That Roxy is sooo awesome! I love those deep, rich colors too!

Biba said...

Roxy and Pru are very nice!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I once bought a polish that, when applied, was the exact color of nail fungus. Who designed that color?

hermetic said...

Milk Chocolate was one of my fav polishes back when I had only handful of them and up until I broke my bottle, which I haven't found a replacement for yet :(
I guess diff colors work for diff skintones.
Love your blog, btw :)