31 December 2010

A Sh-tload of Shetland

Fabric Mart has a fab fabric sale on now.  They are offering 50% of their huge selection of Shetland wools.  That means that they shake out to $9 US per yard.  If you are in need of a few winter coats like I am, you may want to follow my lead and pick up a few good wools.

From amongst all the delectable hues, I narrowed it down to these choices (Watermelon Rose, Heathered Rust, Goldenrod, Concord Blue, Spring Green and Heathered Palm Leaf in order from top to bottom).  Now, I'm pretty sure these guys are going to be scratchy little rotters, but I couldn't resist the rainbow of beautiful saturated colours.

While there, I also picked up a super cool teal and black plaid wool gabardine.  This little beauty will become a nifty circle skirt.

So, enlighten me folks, has anyone else bought some of the Shetland wool?  Is it a picky, pokey nightmare? Will I rue the day that I snatched up all this fabric yardage?  Or will I marvel at my bargain hunting skills while I stroke my new soft and cosy acquisitions?

29 December 2010

A Few More Retail Goodies

I've hate the word "goodies."  I had an aunt that always used this word to refer to candy and there was something in the way she said it that would make my skin crawl.  Otherwise, she was a wonderful aunt, but every time she said "goodies," I wanted to poke ice picks in my ears.  Just thought I'd share that bit of family trivia before I get to the point today.

Now, onward to the point...

What with all the double knit/ponte knit/RPL knit love that has been going around on sewing blogs lately, I was inspired to pick up a couple of pieces of Sophia Knit in Sweet Violet and Teal from Fabric.com (20% off sale, dontcha know).  These puppies will become some fabu knit dresses in my future professional winter wardrobe.

And, in other news, aside from the fabric, I also picked up the knitting pattern book, Thrown Together, by Kim Hargreaves.  I was inspired into single-minded obsession for this book after seeing Amy's version of the Aimee Shrug (which is pictured on the book's cover).  For a peek at the other fab patterns in this book, check out this link.
Oh, so you didn't know that I can knit?  Yesiree bub, it's just another of my varied and spectacular skills.  I truly am a domestic goddess!

28 December 2010

12-4-12 *Vintage Pattern Picks*

Yesterday, I showed a bunch of modern jacket/coat patterns that are on my short list to be made during the 12-4-12 Jacket Sew-a-long.  Today, I want to send out some vintage pattern love.

Aren't they all just delicious?

27 December 2010

12-4-12 *Modern Pattern Picks*

In my last post, I mentioned the "Jacket a Month for 2011" (which I have been calling "12-4-12" in my head each time I see the name) sew-a-long at Stitcher's Guild.  At this point, I have already completed two unlined jackets from Butterick 5567; view B in a yellow wool/polyester blend gabardine and view D in a navy tropical wool that looks like fancy denim. 

I have also cut out the jacket from Buttterick 5247 using a nifty brown wool that has burnt orange and off-white threads running through it. 

I may seem like I'm really getting ahead of myself (considering it's not actually 2011 yet) on this 12-4-12 challenge, but I know I will be inordinately busy in the spring and summer with the building of the new house.  So, I want to build in a buffer of a few jackets already finished for when my time is limited.

Lastly, here are a few more jackets/coats that have captured my imagination lately:

26 December 2010

The Floodgates are Open

Oh man, I can't stop buying fabric lately.  Just the other day, I bought a major crapload of fabric and here I am back at the trough.  Lately, I am a fabric glutton and I blame it all on Fabric Mart and their emails of temptation.  How is a gal supposed to resist 30% off?  Not to mention that I wanted to sign up for the 2011 swatch club and I wanted a mystery fabric bundle.  So, I figured I'd kill two three birds with one stone. 

I have been on a bit of a navy kick lately, so I picked up (going 'round clockwise) navy wool blend seersucker from Calvin Klein, navy cotton lycra twill from Dana Buchman, navy striped Italian cotton shirting and midnight navy worsted wool.  Trust me, that's what they are, even though they probably all just look like massive blobs of navy on your monitor.

I also nabbed a lightweight wool and cashmere blend olive suiting to use for Vogue 7764.  I have had this pattern for an age, but I never got around to making it.  However, I was recently inspired by the lovely Robin, who is thinking of sewing up this jacket out of a gorgeous plaid fabric.  Unlike Robin, who is capable of thinking outside the box in terms of novel fabric/pattern pairings, I decided to be as predictable as possible and use this olive fabric to make view B.  Or I may get real crazy and make view B, with view A's collar.  So, you'll obviously want to stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of this important decision.

I guess I just have jackets on the brain because I have decided to join in on the "Jacket a Month for 2011" sewing frenzy that was inspired by Gigi and promoted by Marcia on Stitcher's Guild.  I have already finished two jackets and it's not even 2011 yet.  I know - I'm really awesome!  So, if you are inclined, feel free to meander on over to SG and join us.

24 December 2010

Straight from the Hartley

Here's hoping you have a doggone good holiday season!  May your days be joyful, your nights be restful and your bowl always full of kibble.

Happy Holidays!! 

23 December 2010

The Holiday Post in Which I'm Rude

If you are not amused by immature sexual humour, bypass the beginning and head on down to the "Safe Zone" toward the bottom of this post.

Alright, now that all the old fuddy-duddies are gone, the rest of you pervs can proceed...

In the past, I have confessed that one facet of my sense of humour is that of a hormonal twelve year old boy.  Using the words "shaft", "probe" or "package" in my presence is guaranteed to have me devolve into fits of giggles.  I have tried to develop a more sophisticated funny bone (snarf!, I wrote "bone"), but alas, I am still mired down by juvenile inappropriateness. 

So, bearing that in mind, you won't be surprised that the following decorative lights at a local park had me snickering.

C'mon, I cannot be the only one that sees distinctly non-Christmasy things here.

Okay, maybe I am.

Anyhoo, on another (very related) note, Hartley is recovering from surgery today.  Yesterday, he got the "Big Snip" and now he is now two balls short of a load.  Poor little man.

*********************SAFE ZONE*********************
Lastly, for all the readers that aren't fans of blatant innuendo, here are some more holiday light pictures.  There's not a rude one in the bunch.  (Okay, maybe the last one is a bit boobalicious, but you'd have to be a real prude to be offended by it.  So, if you are a real prude, avert your eyes, go no further and ignore this whole post.).  Enjoy! 

Can you tell I live in an area surrounded by water.  Maritime Christmas, anyone? 

22 December 2010

Hungry Zombie Tip of the Day

Do you hate finishing the edges of facings as much as I do?  Folding down that teeny tiny little hem on the curved edges of the facing is mucho annoying.  So, I handle the whole situation another way.  Check it out below.

1.  Cut out the facing in your fashion fabric and in your interfacing just like normal.

2.  Pin each fashion fabric piece to an interfacing piece, right sides together (this means that the right side of the fashion fabric and the non-gluey side of the interfacing should be together).

3.  Sew a 5/8" seam on the edge.

4.  Trim the seam to 1/4" in width.  This makes the next step easier.

5.  Turn the interfacing over so that the wrong side of the fashion fabric and the gluey side of the interfacing are together.  Carefully iron the interfacing to the fashion fabric, ensuring that the interfacing does not show on the good side of the fashion fabric along the curved seam.

6.  Stand back and admire your handiwork.  You now have a fully enclosed seam that is finished beautifully and cleanly!  Hungry Zombie says, "Sew smart.  Use your braaaaains..."

The facing in the pictures above is for view B of Butterick 5567, which I have making out of a wool/polyester blend gabardine (which is behaving like a royal PITA, but, that is a story for another day).