23 August 2008

Back Home

I am back from my trip to England. Unfortunately, I have a bajillion things that need to get done before I can post about the trip, so bear with me...

5 August 2008

English Invasion

DH and I will be leaving this weekend to travel throughout England for two weeks. I have been to England twice before, but this is a first for DH. He has a friend that lives and works in London and he and his wife have been gracious enough to ask us to stay at their flat while we're there.

I have left all the arrangements and travel plans completely up to DH, so I am basically sitting back and enjoying the ride!

My only concern at this point, is my travel wardrobe. I was previously in England at this time of year and spent most of my time in sweaters, trying to stay warm. I have been checking the weather in London for the last few weeks and it appears that this summer is warmer than the summer I experienced several years ago. I want to travel light (with only a carry on bag) and since we will have access to laundry facilities, I am hoping to only bring three to four days worth of clothes and just wash them as needed. I have sewn several pieces of clothing to take with me and I'm hoping that employing the principle of layering (adding on if it gets cold, removing if it gets hot) will suit me well. I have my comfy leather walking shoes and sandals all broken in and I also made sure to purchase a raincoat, as it appears to be crazy rainy in London right now. I guess if worst comes to worst, I can always buy (yeah, Visa!) any article of clothing that I require, but didn't pack.

Any Brits out there that can offer some insight as to the weather this time of year? Any others that can offer some travel wardrobe advice?

P.S. I scammed the Big Ben picture from Wikipedia.