9 October 2011

Finally, Malware Warning Free

Well, I'm back in business - no more stinky malware warnings.  Wahoo!

So, here's what hubby & I believe happened.  A blog I followed seems to have been infected by some nasty bug.  And any blog that linked to it (and was recently scanned by Google's bug detectors) was also flagged as containing or distributing malware.  When I removed this blog from my blog roll, I thought I was in the clear.  But, Google still said I had malware issues.  Then hubby realized that I may have had comments that linked back to this blog.  So, I had to go through my almost 7000 comments to delete any links.  Now, I have the all clear from Google.

Unfortunately, in trying to track down the issue, I lost all my blog formatting - all the custom colours and fonts that I had put together to make my blog look the way it did.  So, for now, I have a different look (not that anyone  that reads in a blog reader would notice :)  ), but at least I'm back up and running.  Halleluiah!

7 October 2011

I Spoke too Soon

Hubby still can't figure out why I have this malware warning.  He's still working on it...

4 October 2011


Thank you to the folks that gave me the heads up about the malware message that comes up when trying to enter my blog.  My hubby believes that he has tracked down the issue and now I'm just waiting for the all clear.  What a PITA!