21 February 2011


In response to my last post, I got many a question about the elevator and the "hers" closet expansion.  So, let me set the record straight.

Yes, the plans do call for an elevator.  However, for right now, we are having the elevator shaft roughed in, but it will be fully enclosed and used as pantry space on the first floor and extra linen closet space on the second floor.  If the day ever comes that hubby or I cannot manage the stairs, we will have the elevator actually installed.  We are trying to think ahead as to our needs with this house and the possibility of increased accessibility in the years to come was a factor in the choice of this plan.

As for the "hers" closet expansion.  It is a 20'8"x6' (ETA: the architect redesigned the closet space, so now it is 20'8"x8'4" - oh, yeah baby, I may actually sleep in there on occasion!) extension that runs the length of the garage beneath and it does have a window at the far end.  Isn't it splendid?  Surely you don't have enough clothing to fill a closet that big, you might be asking.  Well, not quite yet...but I have big plans for the future.  At some point, I'm planning on hosting a tea party for my dearest girlfriends in there.  Tea, surrounded by shoes...quelle magnifique, non?

P.S.  Nice job on yesterday's title source folks.  There are a lot of My Fair Lady fans out there!

20 February 2011

All I Want is a Room Somewhere...

You may have noticed the downturn in posting frequency as of late.  I wish I could say my absence was because of my long hours in front of my machine.  Alas, not much sewing has been happening around Chez HZC.  Mainly because hubby and I are busy picking out "stuff" for the next Chez HZC. 

Who knew that building a house from scratch would be so time-consuming?

Oh...so you say everybody knows that do they?  Piss off.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of tile, hardwood, cabinetry, counter tops, doors, windows, mouldings, siding, roofing, trim work and lighting.  It's frickin' exhausting.  Yet, exhilarating, all at the same time.  But, mostly exhausting.

So, I hope you all don't mind if I scatter a few house posts into the mix for the next while.

In that vein, I wanted to show you one of the most important places in the new house.  The Sewing Room (notice I capitalize Sewing Room because it's so darned important) will be in the largest guest bedroom.  To change the original house plan to better fit my sewing needs, a smaller closet was removed and the bathroom was converted into a Fabric Closet (again, the capitals are intentional - a Fabric Closet is nothing to joke about people).

The smaller area near the laundry room (which will be linked to the Sewing Room by a pocket door) will hold a cutting table.  The larger area will have two wrap around desks for all my machines and a chair for Hartley to lounge in while I create.  I am positively dizzy over the windows in this room - all that natural light will be devastatingly gorgeous, I'm sure.  I often have daydreams of myself in the space - windows thrown open, birds singing, machines whirring...ah, it's just so loverly!

* Bonus points to anyone that can identify the origin of my post title.

14 February 2011

Lacquer Lundi

Y'all know that I am not a pink girl, but for Valentine's Day I have made the ultimate sacrifice and I have (among other polishes) some pink polish for you all to ogle.  I truly am a trooper considering that I think Valentine's Day stuff is mainly puke-inducing.  Especially pink Valentine's Day stuff.  So, don't say that I don't love you. 

On to the pretties:

Sally Hansen Nail Foils - Pink Foil
- purchased at The Bargain Shop (chain discount store) for $1.08 CDN

Pink Foil is wicked!  It is a hot pink polish with a glowy metallic finish that is super cool on the nail.  This is what all pink polishes should look like - hot and fab and kick ass cool!  My only complaint with Pink Foil is that it shows every ridge and imperfection of the nail beneath, so apply carefully for the best finish.

Pink Foil required one coat (yep, one single coat) for complete opacity.  It dried extremely quickly.  It wore well, with only tip wear after two days. 

Sally Hansen Nail Foils - Scarlet Foil
- purchased at The Bargain Shop (chain discount store) for $1.08 CDN

I bet you're thinking that Scarlet Foil looks a heck of a lot like Pink Foil above.  Well, you would be right.  They look the same in the bottle and on the nail.  I'm not sure if Sally Hansen is just messing with us or what, but Pink Foil and Scarlet Foil are one in the same if you ask me.  Regardless, they are still super pretty polishes and I'm glad to have them in my collection.

I got these two Sally Hansen Nail Foils in a a packaged assortment with a bunch of other discontinued Sally Hansen polishes.  Prior to this, I didn't even know Nail Foils existed.  I sure would love to find some others though.  Assuming there are others that are actually different colours.

Zoya - Blair
- purchased at spaboutique.ca for $9.00 CDN

Blair is one of the most gorgeous red polishes that I have ever worn.  It has a rich depth to it that is positively captivating.  Not to mention it's stunning metallic shimmer.  I could not stop staring at my nails when I wore this polish.  Blair is the best red polish that I own - hands down - bar none.  It is destined to be one of my favourites for a very long time.

Blair applied nicely (like all my Zoya polishes) and covered perfectly in two coats.  It wore wonderfully, with only tip wear after three days.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Lavender Envy & Strobe Light
 - purchased at Rexall (chain drug store) for $1.52 & $2.95 CDN, respectively

Lavender Envy is a very sheer light purple (lavender) polish with a turquoise flash that shows up in certain lights when viewed from the proper angle.  For the woman that prefers a subdued polish with a bit of a fun edge, I highly recommend Lavender Envy (photo at left).

Hoping to add a bit of bling to my mani, I layered on Strobe Light (photo at right).  It is a sparkly pink glitter polish that is fun and funky.

Both polishes applied nicely (due to the great formula and the excellent wide brush).  I used two coats of each polish and even with the four layers, the mani dried in a reasonably quick time period.  The wear was good, with only tip wear after two days.  Although the tip wear was not very visible due to the light colour of the polishes.