26 February 2012

The Taming of the Arse - Week 8

Week 8 already?  Wow, time has flown since New Year's Day when my new and improved healthy lifestyle began. 

In that time I have managed to lose seven pounds and a bit of body fat.  I can climb stairs now with ease.  My knee, hips and back are feeling fine and I just feel better overall. 

My food choices have improved immeasurably.  I have even gotten to the point that sugary candy holds very little appeal for me.  When I do indulge, I go for the good stuff - high end dark chocolate rather than cheap, waxy chocolate bars.

The only issue I have had is with exercise.  I was into a regular exercise routine, but the last two weeks have not been stellar.  Two weeks ago I spent all week recovering from the previous week's field trip - between exhaustion and work demands, my exercise time was very, very limited.  Then, this past week was a write off because of a nasty head cold.  So, I only had three days with exercise over the past two weeks.  However, I am feeling better now, so I will be back on the work out wagon from today onward.

How are the rest of my healthy living buddies doing?


Just so you don't wonder if I will ever post about sewing again.  I have a few finished projects to show you.  It's really just a matter of getting some photos together.  So, stay tuned...

19 February 2012

The Taming of the Arse - Week 6 & 7

Hello all!  It's been a while!

I returned from the Florida field trip last Sunday and immediately fell into bed.  All week long, I went to work then went to bed.  I guess I was a wee bit exhausted, eh?

So, I had a break from exercising for a few days last week (the week I was on the field trip there was plenty of walking and snorkeling to keep me busy).  Yesterday was the first day that I felt up to doing some exercise.  Boy, did it feel good!

I did manage to keep my eating under control for the most part.  Unfortunately, the food served at the Sea Camp (during the field trip) was processed carb, after processed carb.  And very few veggies to be seen.  When you're used to eating whole grains and heaping portions of vegetables, it's a bit of a shock to the system.  Thankfully, I have returned to my regular eating habits now and my digestive tract is much happier for it.

I am now seven weeks into my new lifestyle.  I have lost six pounds, shaved off some body fat, cleaned up my diet and maintained a regular exercise regimen (for the most part).  I am starting to see progress in the mirror and I am definitely stronger.  Yay, me!

So, folks, tell me how your journey is progressing.

5 February 2012

The Taming of the Arse - Week 5

I have had one more week on the health bandwagon.

The bad news is that I am still plateauing.

The good news is that I reducing my body fat percentage.  Over the last five weeks, I have decreased my body fat percentage by 2.5%.  So, although I haven't seen the scale budge in a while, the nasty fat is going away.

Also, keeping me happy is the fact that I am feeling so much better than I did five weeks ago.  I am not winded going up long flights of stairs.  My bad knee (dislocated the little sucker several years back) is feeling stronger and my sciatica hasn't acted up in ages.  I feel younger and healthier and not so cranky all the time.

On the eating front, I have been doing well all week - plenty of veggies, whole grains and lean meats.  However, I will admit that tonight I will be indulging in heaping plates of Chinese food during the Super Bowl (I don't like football, so I need something to keep me interested!).

So, my intrepid buddies, are you still with me?  I sure hope the answer is yes!


I won't be around at all for the next week.  My colleague, Andrew, and I are taking a group of students to the Florida Keys.  Every couple of years we venture down to Newfound Harbour Marine Institute & Sea Camp for some sun, snorkeling and marine biology. I am not a biologist by any stretch of the imagination, but I always tag along because we are required to have teachers of both sexes along for the ride.  See ya when I get home!