27 November 2006

A Stomach & Four Legs

First, let me introduce you to Simon - the undisputed love of my life for ten years now (don't tell my husband).

Anyone that lives with a hound will chuckle in acknowledgement when they see this photo. A hound is not driven by love, ambition, hatred or greed - there is one emotion that is stronger than all of those - hunger.
Simon, besides being a glutton, also thinks he is a cat. He is happiest when he is resting at the highest point in a room. You'll often find him sprawled on the back of the couch.

26 November 2006

Party Time

My husband's work Christmas party is next Friday & I have started work on a dress to wear to the event. Each year it is semi-formal - a ball gown is too much & jeans are too little. So, I settled on what I think is a happy medium. I have had this burnout velvet in my stash for a little over a year & I bought this vintage 60s A-line dress pattern on eBay a few months ago. I think they make a nice match. I will also be making tank dress to go underneath the velvet (for obvious modesty reasons). I have some plum crepe matte jersey that is a shade of purple that I cannot normally wear near my face. However, when it is placed under the velvet, the colour is muted down to the point where it is acceptable. Here's hoping the velvet plays nice when I start to sew it.

25 November 2006

Luck of the Irish

I mentioned the other day that I had spotted a black satin brocade at Fabricland that would be perfect for Vogue 2903. When I went to Fabricland today, the brocade was gone - major bummer! However, I did spot some black faux Persian lamb that I have been eyeing the last few times I was in the store. I originally wanted to do the vintage coat (Vogue 2934) in Persian lamb, but I couldn't justify the $43 per metre price (especailly when I need 2.2 m) to create a coat I would only wear on special occasions. So, I thought I had to settle for the less expensive plain black velvet. Well, fortune was shining on me today - the Persian lamb was on sale for $17 per metre. Needless to say, I snatched up what I needed for my coat while doing the happy fabric aquisition dance.

24 November 2006

It Called My Name

This fabric has been singing its siren song to me ever since I first laid eyes on it at Emma One Sock. After days of resisting temptation, I couldn't stand it any longer - I had to have it.

Since I also had a 40% off coupon to Fabric.com, I figured I really should use it. It seemed like a shame to let it go to waste. So here are my acquisitions:

A beautiful silk dupioni called "Autumn Sunset". I'm thinking a full skirted party dress with a bodice of the EOS fabric (above). I should also be able to get a small bolero jacket out of the silk.

I also picked up a luscious chocolate silk dupioni (ETA: I was just informed that the brown silk has sold out, so I won't get any - oh well, you win some, you lose some) and a coordinating scalloped lace. I think I must have been in a lace kind of mood, because I also got two others. The first is a champagne coloured scalloped lace and the other is a black stretch lace:

While I was there, I couldn't resist this nifty embroidered pleather:

All in all, not a bad haul. Ahh, I love online shopping!

23 November 2006

What Were They Thinking?

You cannot be serious:

I was browsing the online pattern catalogues & I came across this on the Simplicity website. It is absolutely hideous. The rosettes...the leg warmers...the matching doggy coat - oh, the horror.

22 November 2006

Paralysis of Analysis

OK, my head is ready to explode! Every time I think I finally have a SWAP plan set in stone, I come up with another brilliant idea that trashes everything I have done up to that point. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to plan a formal wear SWAP that I will actually wear. Add in that I am trying to use all vintage patterns and things are just compounded.

I have about a million different dresses I want to sew up, so narrowing down the possibilities to four is not easy. Also, the requirement that each dress and all the tops and bottoms have to coordinate with at least one jacket is tricky too. At this point, this is what I have settled on so far:

Dress 1 of 4: Vogue 2903 in black satin brocade - I saw the exact fabric I want for this dress at Fabricland the last time I was there.

Jacket 1 of 2: Vogue 2934 as my reversible garment with black velvet on one side and black silk dupioni on the other. I have the silk, but I need to purchase the velvet.

Bottom 1 of 2: Simplicity 3881 in the same black silk dupioni as above.

Top 1 of 3: Butterick 3301 in a knit with black flocked lace on brown backing.

Dress 2 of 4: Simplicity 7990 in a mottled satin that has green, orange, brown and cream in it.

Jacket 2 of 2: Butterick 8020 in the same mottled satin fabric as above.

Dress 3 of 4: Butterick 8020 (the pattern right above) in a brown silk dupioni for the highwaisted skirt portion and a brown ruffled fabric for the upper bodice. I got the idea for this dress from a great vintage dress for sale on eBay. It was featured on the clothesaholic blog (third dress down on the Nov. 20th post).

Dress 4 of 4: Butterick 4991 in a wonderful burnout silk velvet that
Julie has for sale. I want to place the dark part of the fabric at the hem and have it get lighter as it ascends the dress to the bodice and shoulders.

That leaves me with 2 tops and a bottom on which to decide. That is, assuming my head doesn't actually explode!

21 November 2006

Dress SWAP

The dress SWAP consists of:
  1. 4 dresses
  2. 2 jackets
  3. 3 tops
  4. 2 bottoms
for a total of 11 pieces. Each dress must coordinate with at least one of the jackets. The two bottoms and three tops must coordinate with one another and each oufit should be paired with one of the jackets.

18 November 2006

SWAP 2007 - So it Begins Again

It's that time of year again - the leaves have fallen from the trees, the days are getting shorter, there is refreshing chill in the air and the SWAP thread is humming along at Artisan's Square. For the last two months I have been consumed by thoughts of SWAPping and it seems I'm not alone. This year, I think the Timmel SWAP Contest is going to be bigger than ever. Last year, there were around 25 entries - I imagine this year there will be even more.