21 November 2006

Dress SWAP

The dress SWAP consists of:
  1. 4 dresses
  2. 2 jackets
  3. 3 tops
  4. 2 bottoms
for a total of 11 pieces. Each dress must coordinate with at least one of the jackets. The two bottoms and three tops must coordinate with one another and each oufit should be paired with one of the jackets.


Betty said...

Just a note to let you know that I found your website of SWAP's fascinating, and incredibly well done graphically. This is my first SWAP, and I have been both enchanted and frustrated with the planning process. Thanks for all your posted inspirations.

angie.a said...

Well, look who's bloggering :D Welcome to BlogLand!!

You'll have to post lots of pics!!


Shannon said...

Betty - I am so glad you enjoy my website. I have been meaning to update with some new pictures - hopefully in the near future.

Angie - I have been reading your blog for a while now. I find it endlessly fascinating to follow along with peoples' projects. By the way, your kitties are adorable!