24 November 2006

It Called My Name

This fabric has been singing its siren song to me ever since I first laid eyes on it at Emma One Sock. After days of resisting temptation, I couldn't stand it any longer - I had to have it.

Since I also had a 40% off coupon to Fabric.com, I figured I really should use it. It seemed like a shame to let it go to waste. So here are my acquisitions:

A beautiful silk dupioni called "Autumn Sunset". I'm thinking a full skirted party dress with a bodice of the EOS fabric (above). I should also be able to get a small bolero jacket out of the silk.

I also picked up a luscious chocolate silk dupioni (ETA: I was just informed that the brown silk has sold out, so I won't get any - oh well, you win some, you lose some) and a coordinating scalloped lace. I think I must have been in a lace kind of mood, because I also got two others. The first is a champagne coloured scalloped lace and the other is a black stretch lace:

While I was there, I couldn't resist this nifty embroidered pleather:

All in all, not a bad haul. Ahh, I love online shopping!


Anonymous said...

I loved the gold paisley and would have snatched some up for myself if I had any place to wear the resulting garment. I am so glad you bought some and am waiting to see the pictures! Seems like we have similar taste in fabric because I like all your choices, but I have been drooling over the gold paisley for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I hate buying fabric online, but my nearest store is now 30 miles away. I bought some 'pure silk' from eBay (2 diff.sellers) and it was polyester, both times.