25 November 2006

Luck of the Irish

I mentioned the other day that I had spotted a black satin brocade at Fabricland that would be perfect for Vogue 2903. When I went to Fabricland today, the brocade was gone - major bummer! However, I did spot some black faux Persian lamb that I have been eyeing the last few times I was in the store. I originally wanted to do the vintage coat (Vogue 2934) in Persian lamb, but I couldn't justify the $43 per metre price (especailly when I need 2.2 m) to create a coat I would only wear on special occasions. So, I thought I had to settle for the less expensive plain black velvet. Well, fortune was shining on me today - the Persian lamb was on sale for $17 per metre. Needless to say, I snatched up what I needed for my coat while doing the happy fabric aquisition dance.


Miasews said...

I actually wore a very similar dress in about 1965. I loved it, it was a black sheath with a black lace overlay. Of course my hair was teased in the back with long points along the cheeks, and huge false eyelashes. What fun to revisit that dress! I wish I still had it.

Shannon said...

Alas, all my early clothing memories are from the 70s and 80s - which (IMO) is the worst fashion age ever. I think I was supposed to have been born in the late 50s/60s because I absolutely adore the fashion from that era.