23 October 2007

Kwik Sew 2856 & Simplicity 4599

Pattern: Kwik Sew 2856 (view A) & Simplicity 4599 (view D - skirt)

: KS2856 comes in sizes XS to XL - I used size XS. S4599 comes in sizes 8 to 24 - I used size 8.

Fabric: Lightweight black sweaterknit from Wazoodle & Black/brown houndstooth wool from Timmel Fabrics.

Project Photo:

Comments: I have made both of these patterns a few times before and they have become "go-to" patterns for when I need a quick, but flattering outfit at a moment's notice.

The unfortunate part of this outfit is the top - the fabric I used was a bargain and like many bargains, it has let me down. I am a staunch believer that my time is too valuable to use cheap fabric, but I let down my guard on this one. The price was amazing, the fabric feels wonderful and it sewed up like a dream. The problem is in the laundering - this fabric attracts every fuzzy in a 50 kilometer radius and it then proceeds to become one with the fuzzies. This melding of fabric and fuzzy necessitates the time consuming ritual of hand picking all the fuzz balls off the top to make it presentable. The jury is still out on how many times I will be willing to do this before I get so frustrated that I consider setting this top on fire. I'll keep you posted.

The skirt, on the other hand, is a dream come true. Boy oh boy, do I wish I had bought more of this fabric when it was available. It is the perfect, lightweight, smooth wool - it is absolutely delicious! I love the fabric and I really love the resulting skirt.

Conclusion: Despite the shortcomings of the top fabric, I really like this outfit. It s simple, smart and sophisticated.


Summerset said...

I completely understand about the knit. That's too bad, because it is perfect for the skirt and really makes a lovely outfit!

Vicki said...

Love the skirt - neat fabric.

Does the top even attract the fuzzies when you handwash and lay flat to dry?

Jess said...

Have you tried one of those "Sweater Stones"? I picked one up years ago at Eddie Bauer and it works like a dream for fuzzies and pilling. Basically you just "brush" your sweater with this funky pumice-like thing. Its a Godsend...

I can't believe this is the post that finally drew me out of lurker-land. :-) Been reading (and loving!) your blog for a while. Yea for inspiration!

gaylen said...

Shannon - I think the outfit looks great. Can't wait to see it modelled on you! Glad to see you are being inspired again. g

Isabelle said...

That's a beautiful outfit! You whip those up so quickly -or rather, efficiently, it continually inspires me. What a shame the fabric in the top is so terrible to launder - that top is fabulous. I'm probably putting that pattern on my wishlist!

I bet you look fantastic in that outfit - hope your husband takes pictures soon :)

Tany said...

Great outfit! I've had the same experience with some knits (and woovens) behaving like fuzzy magnets so I know what you mean :)

Denise said...

I love the skirt, it drapes very nicely. Did you line the skirt? I have a very nice wool gabardine that I would like to make a skirt with, but think that I should line it.

French.Seam said...

I've been looking for a top like this, but am scared of sewing stretchy fabrics. I've just ordered the pattern to add to my stash.