21 October 2007

I am in AWE!!!

If you have never checked out Jules' blog, Handmade Things, then it is way past time that you did. This woman has talent - lots of talent - lots and lots and lots of talent! Every time she posts a new drawing, I literally suck in my breath - her pieces are amazingly life-like and soulful. She not only captures the beauty of the animal, but she manages to convey the personality and uniqueness of each creature that has the privilege of acting as her subject.

So, take a few moments and scroll through Jules' blog - it is well worth the time spent. Her latest drawing of Kimba is exceptional.

P.S. As if her drawing talent weren't enough, she kicks butt at knitting, quilting and a multitude of other pursuits, too!


Isabelle said...

Shannon, thank you for pointing out Jules' blog! Wonderful eye candy to admire over there.

Anonymous said...

Jules is exquisite, isn't she?! She also sews beautiful clothing and has posted reviews on Pattern Review.

Tany said...

Indeed, she does fabulous work!