25 November 2007

Vogue 2925

First, a big thank you to everyone that dropped by for my blog anniversary. I appreciate all the interesting answers that were left in the comments. I feel like I know you all a little bit better now.

I do want to answer one question before I get down to it.
  • rosecy said, "Is there a story behind your title "hungyzombiecouture"?
Why yes there is a story. See this blog post for all the juicy details (#1). When I was looking for a name for my blog, I wanted something unique and unpredictable. I sat down and thought about other things I enjoy doing (when I'm not sewing) and watching horror flicks is right up there. So, I combined my two interests into one.

: Vogue 2925

: V2925 comes in size 6 to 22 - I used size 8 for the top. For the skirt, I used size 8 at the waist and expanded out to a size 10 at the hip.

Fabric: For the top: diamond print onionskin fabric from Fabricland. For the skirt: brown suiting from Timmel Fabrics.

Project Photo:

: These are garments number eight and number nine in my fall/winter wardrobe. I have a few other pieces done as well and I will post them over the next several days.

I really, really like this top. It is so simple to put together, but it has an interesting shape - far better than just a plain old sleeveless tank top. The only thing I will change next time I make this top is that I will scoop out the armholes - they are a bit high for my liking. I can see making several more versions of this one. I prefer to wear sleeveless shells under my jackets and this top is perfect.

The skirt has really nifty design lines. I had hoped that I would like this skirt on me much better than I do. Unfortunately, the fullness is not distributed in a completely flattering way for my figure. I think I will still wear the skirt, however, my choice of top will have to be judicious. I can't imagine I will make another version though.

Conclusion: Two more additions to my fall/winter wardrobe. I will certainly be making the top again.


Vicki said...

Shannon, nice outfit. The top is really cute. The skirt is lovely too - shame it does not flatter you more.

angie.a said...

Very pretty! You're so tiny, that's probably just too much skirt :D I unfortunately don't have that problem!!! LOL.

Summerset said...

Although I've only made the top once, I like it for the same reasons you do: simple to make and different.

That's too bad the skirt isn't quite working for you - this is one of my favorite skirts. At least now you know. Besides, the skirt really is a fabric hog!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I really like the top too! I had to go back and look at the sizing on it to see if it would accomodate all of me. *LOL* Too bad about the skirt...I know what it's like to have high hopes for a garment and then having it fail to meet my expectations. Well, all I can say is NEXT!

Anonymous said...

Pretty top and skirt. The fullness probably overwhelms your petite frame. I think a more A-line skirt would work for you. Good job!

Tany said...

Another great outfit! I'm sorry about the skirt; I do love its stylelines. The top is fantastic and I love the fabric you used!

Anonymous said...

The top is great, and I'm sorry the skirt didn't work out. I hate that. I looked at the skirt before reading the entry and went, "yikes, those are some busy lines" and was a bit disappointed that it didn't work out.

I'm with CMarie12: NEXT!!

LauraLo said...

I really love the top and the skirt, such beautiful colours, they make me think of caffe latte with cream and a nice chocolate aside yummy!
Are you a fall? (I cannot tell from the picture, but you seem to choose fall colours)

Linda L said...

Great looking skirt and top.

Becky said...

Looks great, as always!

007gurl said...

I have this pattern also. I bought it for the skirt and jacket, but I might pass on making the skirt now. Love the top. I might try it instead.

Rose said...

Yikes! You had zombies!! Now I understand the blog title and why you dress to kill. I like the top a lot. The skirt is nice but it is a lot fabric.

Marji said...

Love the fabric combinations. Thank you for posting honestly about the skirt. If it doesn't work for you, it certainly won't work for my sister, whose hips are a bit more generous than yours. Sis has been eyeing the pattern, but since I'm the one sewing, I can nix it. V pretty on the hanger though.