18 November 2007

One Year Older, One Year Wiser?

You may have noticed the new look around here - I wanted to look my best for a special day. Today is the one year anniversary of my blog. One year ago today I decided to start keeping a record of my sewing pursuits by starting a blog. All the other cool kids had one, like Angie, Carolyn, Debbie, Divas, Erica, Gaylen, Isabelle, Liana, Sharon, Stacy, Summerset and Tany to name a few. I figured if these amazing seamstresses had blogs and if I wanted to be just like them, then I better get myself a blog. Since then, I have discovered so many other amazing blogs that I love to visit - I have 255 feeds in Bloglines!!

To date, Sitemeter has told me that I have had over 58 000 hits at my blog. Wow! To think that my blog has been accessed 58 000 times is overwhelming. Even better, is the wide variety of locations where the hits originate. At least one individual from every continent (except Antarctica) has visited my blog. People as far away from me as Japan, the Netherlands, Hungary and Australia have visited. I find it amazing how small and cozy our world has become when I think of people thousands of kilometers away sharing my sewing triumphs and failures, via the Internet. I am also floored when I see locations that are close to me, like parts of Michigan and Ontario - I was most shocked to see someone from Leamington, Ontario visiting my blog (heck, we're only a 30 minute drive away from each other).

So, in honour of my anniversary, do me a favour please. Say hello. I look forward to hearing from old friends and from anyone that visits my blog, but doesn't normally leave a comment. Even if this is your first time here, drop me a line. Tell me a bit about yourself:
  • Where are you from?
  • How long have you been sewing?
  • What is your favourite colour?
  • What's your favourite fabric?
  • For whom do you sew (yourself, your kids, your significant other...)?
  • What is your favourite era of fashion?
Here, I'll start: Lasalle, Ontario; 20 years; red; wool tweed; me & hubby; 50s & 60s.


Adrienne said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

I am from Alabama
I have been sewning a little over a year.
My favorite colors are orange,red,yellow and blue lol( I can NEVER pick just ONE).
I sew mainly for myself and a little for my kids...still working on the husband! LOL
I don't have a favorite era, but I love classic/timeless styles mixed in with just a tad bit of trendy!

This was fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm up in Alaska. I've been sewing forever but sewing garments for only a year or so. I love any colors if they come in the right texture/weight/fabric. I would have to say that I love your warm palette (oranges, rusts, golds) the most. Favorite Fabric?? I love to sew knits. I love to sew wovens with stretch. I primarily sew for myslef and my kids. There are no great places to buy quality kid outerwear. I make their coats, snowpants, hats, mittens, etc. I am trying to sew a work wardrobe for myself that is classic and timeless. Then I can add fun pieces. I love the classic pieces and the vintage patterns that you use. I also love tailored coats and jackets. And, I fond it funny that we are in a similar boat. I team 7th grade general science up here. I am also petite and do the SBA on everything. I check in on your blog frequently. I LOVE Glam, Bam, Thank You Ma'am.

Katie Alender said...

Happy blogiversary!
I'm from Los Angeles, and I've been sewing for about a year and a half.
My favorite color is red.
In fabrics, I mostly work with quilting cottons, because I do a lot of quilting. But also because I'm too wimpy to branch out.
I sew clothing for myself and crafts and quilts as gifts (lots of quilts for dogs and babies).
I don't know if I have a favorite era. I know I have 1960s shelf hips, so I wouldn't complain if people started wishing women would show off their ginormous hips again. ;-)

Erica Bunker said...

Happy Anniversary!

* I'm from Hoover, AL (suburb of Birmingham).
* I have been sewing since I was in the 8th grade.
* I love silks and woolens.
* My favorite colors are those of Autumn.
* I sew primarily for myself. Occasionally, I sew for others.
* My favorite era is the 40s. I've always felt that I should have been starlet or a Vargas Girl! LOL

Lisette M said...

I'm from Maryland
Favorite color red
Have been seriously sewing for 15 years
I love to work with cotton and wool
I love the 60s but can find a favorite look from every era.
I sew mainly for me, a few things for my husband and the kids
Happy Anniversary

Shirley said...

Happy Blogiversay. I'm Canadian but I've been living in Finland for a long time. I don't sew very much but I'm trying to get inspired to sew my 6' 5'' son some clothes. My favourite colour depends on what the object is. I like cotton best. I guess I like a simple or classic style best.

Anonymous said...

I'm way down in the southwest point of Virginia. Sewing since about kindergarten, started with doll clothes and simple quilt blocks. Fav colors are greens, greys, slates and black. Fav fabric is lightweight and tropical woven woolens, but also nice cotton and linen. Anything that will press flat and give a nice edge. I have little sewing time, and sew exclusively for myself. Fav era, I like classic timeless pieces but also 50s/early 60s.

Lori said...

Happy Anniversary.

I am from Missouri
I have been sewing since 7th grade
Fav colors - blue, black, red
I sew for myself and my daughters (occasionally)>
I think I am heading toward classic style.

Sharon Sews said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

- Living in Minnesota
- Been sewing since age eight
- Drawn to purple, fuschia, and red
- Sew mostly for myself - used to sew for all family members (dad, mom, siblings, my kids, etc.)
- I've always loved the late 30s and some of the 40s fashions

Susan from the Pacific Northwest said...

The (currently very rainy) Pacific Northwest
Off and on since 13
A soft blue-green
Anything with luscious texture, design or color. I can't choose one.
I sew primarily for myself, upon occasion for my kids.
I love looking at 50's vintage patterns.

Summerset said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Here we go:

I live in Northfield, NH.
I've been sewing on a machine 24 years.
My favorite color is red!
My favorite fabrics are anything natural: silk, cotton, wool, linen.
I sew for myself, my family and anyone who is willing to pay me to do so.
I am definitely a 50's girl!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Shannon!
Your blog is awesome. It is so nice when you post!
I live in Western Kansas of the Good ole USA.
I have been sewing since I was 13(back in the 70's) when my parents bought me a sewing machine for my birthday, which I still own!
My colors of choice are purples, blues, reds, black.
The fabrics I like to sew with are wools & cottons.
I sew shorts for my hubby; skirts, costumes and soon to be communion dress for my 7 year old DD. I have even made myself a swimsuit. It didn't fit, but I tried!
Fashion Era???? I love Chanel so I would have to pick her time!

Evelyn said...

The Bronx, in New York City
I like my browns and blue
I like the 60's

Anonymous said...

I live in Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

30 Years.



Myself, hubby, kids.


Unknown said...
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Liane said...

Hi Shannon, Happy Anniversary

I'm from Tennessee, I've been sewing since 7th grade( a really long time ago!!) I love brown. Favorite fabric is a hard choice, in the summer it is linen and winter is wool. I sew mostly for myself, an occasional request for my hubby. I love the fashions of the 1940's.

Thanks for the inspiration! I love reading your blog.

Lisa Laree said...

Huntsville Alabama reporting in! (although sitemeter says I'm from Trenton, Georgia...it lies...)

I've been sewing since I was almost 10

My favorite color in the whole world is royal blue

I love sewing with silk noil!

I sew/have sewn for myself, my kids, my DH, friends, family, church, school...um, no wonder my house is a wreck.

I wish I had an excuse to sew myself a sharp 40's-looking wardrobe.

Happy blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

Rural Massachusetts; I learned how to sew when I was 10 but didn't really start to sew "seriously" until about a year and a half ago; burnt orange; cotton; myself; 1940s.

Anonymous said...

Happy blogoversary :)
San Francisco area; ~18 months since I started sewing again; turquoise; knits; myself and occasionally DH; 1890s-1930s, for inspiration anyway.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Yours is one blogs that I check on a regular basis.
I live in Long Island, NY.
I have been sewing since high school. A long time, though I have had
periods of non sewing.
I don't think that i really have a favorite color, though I wear a lot of black and gray with accents of rich color.
I love to sew with high quality fabrics, beautiful woolens and wovens with lycra.
I sew for myself mostly, and sometimes my 21 year old daughter.
I like the here and now, thank you very much.

pam said...

Happy Anniversary!

I'm from Tennessee, been sewing about 20 years.

Favorite color - pink.

Favorite fabric - cotton.

Now that my daughters are grown, I sew for myself.

Favorite fashion era - that's a tough one, I appreciate all of them, well, except maybe the 80s!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love your blog! It really inspired me to dust off my sewing machine, decide to really learn how to use my serger and sew! Outside of mending/hemming I haven't sewn a garment in a few years. I'm really a restless crafter with an accepting husband (can't say 'understanding' because he doesn't 'get' it, but he puts up with my yarn and fabric stashes) So here we go: Tokyo, Japan (originally from Kailua, Hawaii); started making doll clothes when I was 5 - 6; favorite color is a moving target, can't pin one down; crisp cotton; myself (made my wedding dress), kids, husband is on the wait-list; another moving target - current fashion, the 50's, late-Victorian and anything calico (grew-up on Little House on the Prairie)

Thank you for sharing with us! Rae

Bonnie O. said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your style and your blog is fun to read.

* Where are you from? - Cincinnati
* How long have you been sewing? - since 7th grade, 30 years (OMG!)
* What is your favourite colour? purple
* What's your favourite fabric? love knits and good quality wool wovens
* For whom do you sew (yourself, your kids, your significant other...)? Mostly myself but also the kids and friends/loved ones
* What is your favourite era of fashion? Love the look of the 40's into the early 50s - elegant and stylish but sexy in a way that escapes most people today!

lsaspacey said...

From Richmond, VA. I've been sewing since I was 15 and my mom was a home sewer who used to make most of my clothes.
My favorite color is green and at this moment my favorite fabric is brushed twill.
I sew for clothes for myself, items for my house, and gifts for friends (just made Wee Wonderfuls for friends' new babies!)
My favorite era would have to be late forties, early fifties. I adore those dresses with cinched-in waists that need petticoats. At 38, I just bought myself one in red tulle!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon (congratulations on your blog birthday)
...I'm from Rhode Island
...Been sewing since I was 8 (49 yrs. ago)
...Tomato red is my favorite color
...Favorite fabric is wool crepe
...I sew for myself (used to sew for my mom and mother-in law when they were still around)
...I'm stuck in the late 60's (probably because of my fond memories of that era) but nod to the early 70's too

Vicki said...

Congratulations Shannon!

. Melbourne Australia
. 36 years (on and off)
. various versions of blue/green
. knits at the moment, as you can have something gorgeous in 2 hours ;)
. myself. On rare occasions my dds
. no favourite era - just good design generally.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog-o-versary!

I'm currently living in Kansas.

I've been sewing for 8 or 9 years now.

I don't really have a favorite color, I seem to go in spurts of what I find attractive!

I love working with knits - ever since I got over my fear of sewing with them, I can't get enough of working with them!

Since my daughter is getting to the age where kids 'check the label' of her clothing, I don't sew as much for her as what I do for myself. However, with me expecting our second this April, I get to sew for someone else again!

I really love the look of 40's fashion although I couldn't pull off the look myself.

Anonymous said...

Where are you from? Upstate New York.

How long have you been sewing? Well, let's just say it's been over 40 years.
What is your favourite colour? Green - any green.
What's your favourite fabric? Wool gabardine.
For whom do you sew (yourself, your kids, your significant other...)? Anyone who will stand still for me to do the measurements - but since my kids have left home, it's usually me, the DH and the house.
What is your favourite era of fashion? Hmmm..what era do I like best in terms of "the look"? Or what era do I think looks best on ME? For look - the 30s - I think the glamour level is unbelieveable. For ME, the 40s and 50s work best since I have a waist and a bustline and hips (and...). The 30s just will not work on my shape.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Geri
I live in Eugene Or
Sewing since i was 8, almost 24 years
Love blue white and black
Natural fibers, denim, eyelet
Sew for me , my kids when they were babies, gifts
Era of fashion, tough but I like classic and a somewhat bohemian look

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Happy Blogversary!!!

And over 2,000 of those hits are from me! *LOL* I check this thing at least once a day - hoping and praying there will be something new up to help me through my workday!

This is your terrible fabric twin -who lives in NJ. I have been sewing for 37 years. I don't have a favorite color but my favorite fabrics are linen and wool crepe. I sew mostly for myself and I like the 40's, 50's and early 60's (none of that hippie stuff - been there done that!)

Hey, I'm glad you think I am one of the kewl kids! And I don't know what I would do if you hadn't joined the blogging universe!

Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! One year and over 58,000 hits - that's amazing!
I'm from Lakeland, Florida.
I've been sewing for about 5 years.
My favorite color - well, I AM a pink girl! ;)
No favorite fabric or favorite era - different things strike my fancy at different times.
I sew for practically everyone I know - myself, family, and friends.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having blog birthday cake today.

I'm in Des Moines, Iowa. I've been sewing off and on since I was nine, that's 27 years.

My favorite color is yellow and my favorite fabric is wool. My favorite garment of all time was a yellow boiled wool jacket that my ex-husband helpfully washed and dried for me. Oh, the humanity!

I sew for myself and my current husband, mostly. Family and friends get crafty sewn things for major holidays.

My favorite fashion era is Regency England, but I rarely sew that. What I do wear is classic and unfussy sportswear. Think tweed skirt, wool turtleneck sweater and boiled wool jacket. And linen in the summer.

Anonymous said...

I live in Connecticut.
I've been sewing since I was in grade school, but have recently come back to it after several years away.
I love blue. Especially that bright, clear blue like the sky in early October.
I love cotton and linen because they're so easygoing.
I sew for myself mostly.
I love the way Edwardian clothes look. So feminine and elegant. But I work at a museum where I spend a lot of time in 18th Century work clothes, and I have to say they're pretty comfortable, really practical,and make me feel feminine without feeling fussy!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog - totally impressed with your skills.

Live near Sudbury ON, having sewn since I was 11 (40 yrs)in 4-H, home ec and with a sewing Mom - long hiatus through Univ. though.

Love teal blues and red. Finding I enjoy rayon, wool and silk, but I'll sew anything. Knits are wonderful.

Sew for myself, sometimes DH and DS.

No fashion era - just what catches my attention and looks good.

Anonymous said...

*I'm from California
*I learned to sew when I was nine years old but took a few years off
*My color is black and I'm trying desperately to branch out!
*I basically sew for myself. I haven't been doing a lot of projects because my husband wanted me to make something for him. I started a tailored suit for him. It's my first!
*My favorite era is 40's. I loved your entry on what has happened to June Cleaver! It's so true! Everyone runs around in pajamas.
* I love your blog! You're inspiring.

Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary!! I'm in Illinois and have been sewing for 39 years! I don't really have a favorite color or fabric. I usually buy what I like and think will look good. I have sewn for both my daughters as they were growing up. Now it's basically for me and now my granddaughter. My favorite era is the 20s 30s & 40s. I visit your blog almost everyday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversay!! I enjoy your blog; your joy of sewing, love of fine fabrics, and organizational skills are inspirational!

I live in a suburb of San Francisco on the Peninsula. I have been sewing since I was five years old. My favorite colors are dusty plum, red, and grey. My favorite fabrics are interesting, textured woolens and silks. I sew for myself and sometimes for my four-year old son. Favorite eras: vintage fashions from the '50s and I am rather enjoying the year of the dress! Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon, Happy Anniversary!

I live in Budapest, Hungary.
I have been sewing for 30 years.
My favourite color is blue.
I love to sew knits.
I sew for myself and for two teen daughters.
I like classic look for myself, gothic, bohemian or sporty for my daughters.

I visit your blog almost everyday! Thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love your blog.
I live in Nova Scotia.
I started sewing as a teenager (eons ago) but have only really taken it up again about a year ago.
So far I like sewing cottons best but still have lots of fabrics to try.
My favourite colours are from the cool side of the colour wheel - green, turquoise, blue, violet.
I mostly sew for myself.
I love the 1940s.

Anonymous said...

hello: congratulations. I found your blog after following Judy Culshaw swap competition. I followed your progress and I visit your blog often.After reading several sewers blog I decided to start my own sewing blog. I am new at it and hopefully more readers will become familiar with it. Again, keep those sewing projects coming.

Katrin said...


congratulations to your blog anniversary: I thought you were blogging already for ages...
I am from Aachen, Germany
I have been sewing for 20 years
Favourite colors are blue, grey, purple shades
I mostly sew for myself, sometimes my husbands kids or for him, occasionally for friends
I love 60s but I also adore the fashion form the early 20th century, e.g. shown in the movie Titanic, in the last time I must admit that I also like some fashion influence of the 80s, too...


Jan said...

Happy Aniversary,
I'm a fellow Canadian from Mississauga, Ontario.
Sewing on and off for 40 years (that makes me sound old --- I was a small child when I started to sew)
Favouite colours are red, burgundy,fushia,and black - wool
I sew for my two teenage daughters , my home, and myself.
I love the 60's. The straight lines, Mary Quant, and a Mondrian(sp?) dress.

Please keep blogging and sewing as you inspire sew many.

Sigrid said...

Congratulations on one year of blogging. Thanks for sharing your sewing experiences and related thoughts.

I'm from the Netherlands, near the Hague; been sewing for more than 35 years (started seriously around 10). Favorite colors black/brown/blue, favorite fabric linen. Sewing for myself and my teen-daughter. Love to see clothes from all era's, but the 20's especially.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog-Anniversary

I am from Basel, Switzerland.
I sew for about 25 years.
My favorite colors are chocolate brown and grey.
No favorite fabric, I love them all.
I sew mostly for myself, sometimes for my husband or nieces.
Fashio Era: The 60's, definitly.

sisidaboom said...

*I live in Cottam, Ontario.
*When I was in High School, the option of Home Economics meant part of the course involved sewing. So age 13.
*I love every colour except Red(which I notice is a big fav.) My mother made a red coat for me age 6and for many years it was restyled from full length to a bolero length at 12. Hence, I detest red.
*Silk, linen, wool, knits and fabric with stretch.
*myself and teaching my granddaughter how to sew.
*it took me along time to get over the beatnik university garb but now I like to emulate Lady Di.meaning long skirts, suits,etc.


Kitty Couture said...

Happy blog anniversary, Shannon! Your blog is among my favourites.
Now for your questions :)
♦ I am from Paris, France.
♦ I've been sewing since July 2004 - I started blogging and sewing at the same time.
♦Favourite colour: blue! Especially pastel blue, but anything goes.
I also love sewing and wearing deep red and black.
♦ Favourite fabric - wow, that's a tough one. I love a lot of different fabrics. I've loved working with dupioni for my wedding dress. I have also become addicted to knit fabrics.
♦ I sew primarily for myself but also like sewing for my sisters, mom, nephew and SO (although that is more challenging as he always wears jeans and tshirts).
♦ The fifties, definitely!

Mary Sarah said...

Hi! Congratulations! I'm currently from Las Vegas, NV. I've sewn off and on for 30 years ...mostly for kids and home. Now I want to sew for me. Love red, natural fibers and the 40s.

Tany said...

Ohhhhhh, I'm one day late!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!
I'm from Aveiro, Portugal, I've been seriously sewing for 24 years now, my favorite color is red, my favorite fabric is wool, I sew ONLY to myself and my favorite era is the 60's!!

angie.a said...

Happy Blogiversary from one "cool kid" to another :D

I've been stalking your SWAP items since way before you blogged, you goober.

Here's my stats...

*Originally St. Louis, MO...currently Tulsa, OK
*Sewed as a little girl with my mom but really fell in love with it when my daughter Lu was born in 1997. I haven't stopped sewing since!
*RED! But I lurv Aqua too.
*Mostly me & the kiddos, but I always have a few gifts I do too for birthdays and holidays. And my BF Buffy just had a baby, so I have baby Prezley to sew for too. Little sweetie, anyway.
*The 1930s and 40s are definitely my faves. I was born in the wrong era.

angie.a said...

Forgot my favorite fabric!! Handkerchief linen is my absolute favorite. It's so beautiful! I have pieces that I just "pet" and never sew up because I love them, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. I'm currently living in Newport News, VA, but I'm from Saskatoon, SK, Canada. I've been sewing about eight years now. My favorite color is probably some shade of burgundy or wine. My favorite fabric is rayon/lycra jersey. I sew mostly for myself but occasionally for a few other special people in my life. And I like things from almost every era of fashion.


Anonymous said...

Casper, Wyoming
About 20 years
self and children
Civil War

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
I love your blog I've been stalking it every day for6 months.

I've been sewing for almost 2 years and gain much inspiration from your creations.
Currently my favorite fabric is cotton. I'm using it a lot just now as we're heading into summer here in Australia. It was swelteringly hot today in Melbourne today.
Cheers and Happy Anniversary
Rubydarling (Wendy)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am confused - I left a comment that doesn't appear today!?! What did I do wrong?? Will try again!

New Plymouth, New Zealand (emigrated here 3 years ago from UK), 30 years (I started young!), red, wool and linen, 50's and 70's (but not together!!)

Would like to say thanks for such an inspiring blog that got me sewing again after I lost my mojo for a few years. I am amazed by your commitment to your sewing and your blog!


Anonymous said...


I'm originally from Colorado but have lived in London, England for 13 years. I've been sewing since I was about 13 years old I guess - that's 25 years! - the first thing I made was a cape. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite fabric is probably silk charmeuse but I rarely sew with it. I sew for myself mostly but sometimes for my family (my mom, my nieces and nephews, not as yet for my husband). I love historical gowns from the 1760s and used to do a lot of historical costuming, mostly medieval. Now I'm enjoying learning both about couture construction and about modern techniques for rapid construction.

Happy anniversary! Thanks for an interesting blog!


Anonymous said...

Happy First-Year Anniversary!

I am originally from Tokyo, and studied design in Stockholm and Milano. I moved to lovely White Rock, British Columbia in January 2006, but in March 2008 I will be moving back to Milano.

I have been sewing for nearly 50 years...having started with my Ginny doll, precursor to Barbie. Silk, my favorite fabric visually, is not my favorite fabric to sew. I love many colors, but I often end up with somber shades of black. I sew for myself and my daughter. Currently, I am working on a dress for my daughter's Winter Fest. Vivid royal blue silk satin empire dress with 37 crinkle-silk voile rosettes sewn on the bodice. I am attracted to the elegant lies of the 50's.

Your blog is by far one of the most organized and informative, with pleasing graphics, and strange & wonderful sense of humour. Love your "Fabric-In, Fabric-Out" stats!

Anonymous said...

Shannon, sorry for the type-o... "Lies", no. I meant "elegant LINES of the 50's!"

Lexy Girl said...

Hi! I think your blog is a lot of fun, and definitely inspirational.

Portland, OR
1 year-ish
Color: Shades of blue I think
Fabric: Wool Flannel/Crepe
Me me me
50's for sure. I long to wear day dresses and hosiery to the grocery store.

Cotton Picker said...

Congratulations on your anniversary.
I live in a small town 15 minutes north of Uxbridge Ontario. I pretty well taught myself to sew when I was a teenager and that was about 40 years ago. I used to think blue was my favourite colour but now I like all colours. My favourite fabric is cotton, hence my name, Cotton Picker. I sew clothing for myself, but I also like to piece quilts and make cloth dolls. I like A-line dresses and skirts from the 60s and 70s (but not those huge collars from the 70s).

SmileDog Stitches said...

Shannon - Happy Anniversary! I really enjoy your blog. Here's to many more wonderful years! I'm from Cheyenne, WY - you know, the place you're "roadtripping" to. :) I've been *learning* to sew off and on (mostly off until recently) for 15 years. I don't have a favorite color but I wear a lot of black and brown. My favorite fabric is of course silk dupioni at the moment. As me about that again next week! Right now I sew for myself. Adrienne said it best for me: I like classic/timeless styles mixed in with just a tad bit of trendy too.

Anonymous said...

HI Shannon ~

Happy Anniversary! I enjoy your blog. Glad you're out there.

I'm from Milwaukee, WI.
I've been sewing on and off (mostly off) for 15 years.
My favorite color is green but I wear mostly black and brown.
I love linen in the summer and merino wool knits in the winter.
I sew for myself and my husband.
Love, love, love the fashions of the 30's and 40's.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon-congratulations on your blog anniversary.

Geelong, Victoria, Australia;
Returned to sewing this year;
Myself and very occasionally my adult daughter;
Almost any, but I have a real soft spot 40's & 50's suits

Becky said...

Happy birthday to your blog! :)

Representing Delaware here. I've been sewing since my mom started me around age 7 (in my mid-20s now.) My favorite color is blue or green, depending on my mood. My favorite fabrics tend to have texture, particularly velvety or silky ones. (My dream is to have an excuse to sew with silk velvet.) No kids/hubby/significant other, so I tend to sew mostly for myself, and occasionally gifts for my friends. My favorite era is the 60s, though I also draw a lot of inspiration from medieval/Renaissance clothing (mainly due to my love of fantasy movies!)

Marji said...

* Where are you from? From Detroit area, then Traverse City, currently living in St Louis MO
* How long have you been sewing? Since I was a child of 7 or 8- that would be about 43 years
* What is your favourite colour? Red
* What's your favourite fabric? Wool, and silk, and cotton...sorry
* For whom do you sew (yourself, your kids, your significant other...)? mostly myself, some work for pay, some for my sister, mom, stepdaughters
* What is your favourite era of fashion? it's always Now. I'm in love with retro patterns that are vintage, but I always have to say now is my fav time.

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm Christy from Brandon, Florida. I've been sewing off and on since I was 10 years old (over 30 years now -- yikes!!). Favorite color right now is chocolat brown; favorite fabric? Cotton (it's Florida, after all). I love Michael Miller fabrics, Alexander Henry and Amy Butler. I sew for myself, mom, husband, dog, goddaughter, friends -- I don't say no very much. My favorite era of fashion. Several 1930s to early 1960s, 50s to early 60s are a particular favorite.

I really enjoy your blog. I'm a new blogger and started for the same reason as you -- all the cool kids had one, plus I need some motivation and need to sew up a storm to get rid of yards and yards of fabric. Kudos on your Fabric Mart choices! They rock!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
Love your blog and enjoy reading it almost every day. I have been sewing since around the age of 7 and enjoy sewing for myself and my DD. During the holidays I sew for my extended family. I live in Memphis, TN and sew primarily different polyesters and blends. My favorite colors are jewel tones in shades of red, purple, and blue. Now that I am retired, my wardrobe is very casual but I like classic styles. Happy Birthday on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Love your blog!

Where are you from? NEW YORK CITY

How long have you been sewing? 6 years

What is your favourite colour? pink

What's your favourite fabric? harlequin pintucked silk dupioni

For whom do you sew (yourself, your kids, your significant other...)? boys' clothing line for sale

What is your favourite era of fashion? definitely the 60s

Happy Thanksgiving!

With friendship,

Connie B said...

London- the Ontario one, 35 years(ouch),green,silk chiffon to touch, wool knit to sew,me and our daughters,40's and fifties.
It was fun to read everyones input. "Happy Anniversary"!

rosanne said...

Happy blog-iversary! And Happy Thanksgiving, too!
I'm originally from Boston, MA but lately from Gilbert, AZ. I have been sewing for 15 years (has it been that long?!) My favorite colors are red, blue, and black. My favorite fabric is a wool with some stretch. I mainly sew for myself and my home...Like many, I'm still working on the husband. Someday, I may measure him while he sleeps...Favorite era is the 60s since there were so many fabulous suits!

Rose said...

Happy Blog Anniversay! I think that you are one of the "cool kids"! Is there a story behind your tile "hungyzombiecouture"? I'm a regular. We are similar coloring and size so I get lots of ideas. My data: DeLand, FL; 7 years (1 year garments); red; silk (love the Anna Sui blowout sales); myself; right now (so many options)
Happy Blogging!

Anonymous said...

From: Perth, Western Australia
Sewing: intermittently for 3 years
Fav. Colour: Teal/Aquamarine
Fav. Fabric: Silk (anything that's not too slippery!)
Sew For: myself
Era: Right now - Best of eveything!

P.S: Love your Choices and Techniques!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
I stop in and read your blog from Whitefish, Montana.
I've been sewing for about 38 years, but every day for about the last 10 years.
My favorite colors are browns, teals, fall colors.
I really can't choose a favorite fabric. Well, OK, maybe silk taffeta.
I sew for myself and for clients.
My favorite era would be the 40's.
I enjoy "watching" you sew, and I get a lot of inspiration from seeing your progress.

Anonymous said...

You have a terrific blog, thank you! I live in Ottawa; been sewing at least since I left home, on & off, mostly for myself but to tell the truth never had the time till I made a career turn recently. I love sewing silk - especially dupioni - mostly I've only had time to make some nice special occasion outfits, and dupioni is my fancy dress fabric of choice. I also sew for my youngest child, and he's SOOOO appreciative, it really strokes my mommy-id. Back in the months leading to his birth I'd made him a bunch of cotton flannel tartan wraps (I used to live in Nova Scotia), and a quilted tartan blanket with a tartan ruffle and matching satin ribbon. I only mention it because it's still the top layer on his bed. Since I restarted sewing this year, I've made him a couple of one-seam pants (!) and again he's been a doll about it (I think one-seam pants are ideal for active slim-hipped boys!). My favourite era of fashion is modern - ultramodern - today's runway stuff, and the "timeless classics". I loved the fact that Jennifer Garner & Uma Thurman had the guts to wear some pretty avantgarde stuff recently.
My favourite colours are warm ones - I almost never wear blue or purple, too cold for me - with black & grey as background. Trying to diversify to neutral tans & beiges, but probably not browns.

Elaray said...

Hi Shannon! Happy Anniversary!
I live right outside of Philadelphia, PA and I've been sewing since 8th grade - way back in the 60s. Blue is my favorite color. I love sewing with linen and linen blends. I love sewing any fabric that presses well. I sew primarily for myself. I would sew more for my daughter, but she is way too busy to pick out fabric or try things on!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday for your blog.

i live in the south east of england and have been sewing for 35 years. my favourite colour is blue and i sew cotton, linen silk and wool. synthetics and i don't get on. i do sew for my children - i have a black wool duffle coat cut out for my older son, but have to get the lining cut out before i start to sew. i sew fleeces for both my sons but nothing for me husband. i love your blog and enjoy looking at all 20 & 21 century fashions. best wishes

Gorgeous Things said...

I'm just now catching up on blog reading. Happy anniversary! I love reading your blog, and I love seeing the comments from other folks. My answers:

Where are you from?
Boston - Born, raised and learned to drive here. Be afraid.

How long have you been sewing?
Since I was 12

What is your favourite colour?
Tough one. I can't really say I have one. Probably Caribbean colors - aqua, bright greens, Bermuda pinks

What's your favourite fabric?

For whom do you sew (yourself, your kids, your significant other...)?
Me, DH, kids, occasionally others. Mostly me.

What is your favourite era of fashion?
Either the 30s or the 40s. But the 30s and 40s of Movie imagination, not reality.

Kat said...

I'm from the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I've been sewing for 30 years and my favorite color is green. My favorite fabric is denim and corduroy and I don't know why. I sew about 70% for myself and 30% for my DH, sons, and daughters. Favorite fashion era? Definitely the 40's and early 50's. Love the elegant Grace Kelly fashions too.

Congratulations on your blogaversary! I just started one last month and it's very motivating.

Faye Lewis said...

Faye here from Warner Robins, Georgia. I started sewing in 8th grade and sewed for quite a long time. Had to put it down for about 15 years due to business responsibilities, but started back September of last year.
Favorite color:Pink (use to be navy blue - still like it)
Favorite fabric:Wool and wool blends
Sew mainly for myself, a little for my daughter and grands.
Favorite fashion era:40's and 50's
Love your blog!

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary!

I live in England, and read your blog most days. I learned to sew when I was 12, but have only recently returned to it after quite a long gap. My favourite colour is blue, and I enjoy working with wool, linen and cotton. I love the fashions of the 1940's, and I have a small but growing collection of vintage patterns. I completely agreed with your post on June Cleaver and the seemingly dying art of making an effort to look good.

I love your blog, it is so informative and inspirational.

Anonymous said...

hello, I'm charlotte from germany. I have been sewing for over 30 y. my favourite colour is black, I like cotton prints. I sew for myself.
the roaring twenties are my favourite era.

happy blogiversary and: I keep coming back!

Tammy "SweetT" said...

North Carolina, sewing for 3 years, RED, cotton, my daughter, myself and gifts, 1950's.
And I love your blog.

supermollio said...

Happy blogiversary! What a great idea to find out who your readers are!

Where are you from?
Originally Northfield, MN. Now I live in a western suburb of Minneapolis after stints in both western and eastern Massachusetts and in London, UK

How long have you been sewing?
Off and on for 3 years, but concentratedly for 3 or 4 months

What is your favourite colour?
Most shades of blue

What's your favourite fabric?
To wear: the microfleece Lands End uses with the anti-static treatment
To sew: soft cotton batiste

For whom do you sew (yourself, your kids, your significant other...)?
Pretty much just me. My husband is too picky. Right now I'm making doll clothes for my nieces

What is your favourite era of fashion?
Edwardian--grand and beautiful, but not puffy and fluffy

Linda L said...

Days late and Dollars short in wishing you Happy Anniversay.

I have been sewing since the '60's and mainly sew fashions for myself.

Favorite colors are green and orange and most all warm shades of colors.

Chiming in from VA. I am a native of the state, but I have been fortunate to live in Texas, CA, FL and Pennsylvania. Been back in VA for 4 years.

Your sewing skills are enviable and truly love to see the garments you make.

Gorgeous Things said...

Merry Christmas! I'm finally getting a chance to catch up on blogs now that the heavy singing season is over. I love reading everyone's answers. Here are mine:

I'm from the Boston area (north)
I've been sewing since I was 12
My favorite color? Hmm..... Turquoise. Or Red. Or Blue. Or maybe Brown. Or....
Favorite fabric: 4-ply silk crepe
I sew primarily for myself, sometimes for family, occasionally clients.
My favorite era of fashion would either be the 40s or the 70s.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Shannon. I'm Vibeke from Oslo. I've been sewing on and off since I was 6 and made Barbie dresses with my grandmother. Since I'm 43 now, that makes 37 years. On and off. My favourite color is RED. Not so much on me as just to surround myself with. My favourite fabic is soft, drapey and crepey. I like blends. I sew for myself, my kid and my sisters kids. My favourite era is all of the first half of the 20th century, (teens to fifties). I love to look at your stuff. Happy new year!