20 December 2008

Beagle Overload

The past few days I have been wasting my time in the most wonderful way. I simply cannot tear myself away from the puppy cams at ustream.tv. There are golden retriever puppies, dauschund puppies, miniature schnauzer puppies and Havanese puppies, among others (just search for "puppies" and you'll get quite a selection. However, my favourite, hands down, are the beagle puppies (imagine that)!

In the beagle theme, here's a photo of Simon and I suiting up to go for a walk. The temperature around here lately has hovered around -8 Celsius, so warm hats are definitely in order. However, Simon seems less than enamoured with the choice of head gear I have made for him!


2BSewing: said...

Oh no...way toooooo cute!!! I'm watching them now and they are climbing over each other to get the best position for a snooze. I have to tell you that I'm a beagle lover. Your Simon is absolutely beautiful!

Thank you for posting this wonderful site. Now, I'm hooked! Beagles are the best!

ACorgiHouse said...

Well, now you've done it. I must go see if there are corgi puppies...K

Vicki said...

How sweet is that photo :)! Enjoy the snow.

Ice Pony Girl said...

Simon is adorable!

Come visit our Happy Tails list.

Here's a link

Beagles Rock!

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Shannon .- happy Christmas to you and yours and my best wishes for the new year.

Hugs, Paco

laura said...

My whole family are animal freaks! Even the people I work with don't mind that I bring my big fat cat to work every Christmas Eve and my co-worker brings her Puggle. If I start watching puppy cams now,I'm going to be in serious trouble.

lorrwill said...

i lurve goggies!!!!!!!!!!!1!
but as far as breeds go, corgis are the ones who make my heart melt the most.

okay i go all mushy and stupid for kittehs, too.

oh fine! i confess. most small and some not so small fuzzy animals make me want to cuddle them.