27 June 2008

Freedom, Sweet Freedom!

Whew, I made it - just barely. I am officially off for summer vacation for the next 9.5 weeks. This was a very tough year, so I really need this break to decompress.

Things are looking up though.

Firstly, my hip/back is once again in perfect working order - so I can get back to doing stupid things like lifting objects that are much too heavy for me :) Thank you to everyone that offered advice and words of sympathy - they were much appreciated.

Secondly, I am now the proud owner of even more super delicious Japanese pattern books. I think I may have stumbled upon a new addiction (at this point it is yet undetermined where this addiction ranks among all my other addictions, like fabric, vintage patterns, shoes, chocolate and bag piping - okay, maybe not the last one). Here are my new lovelies - behold the splendour:

Sewing Lesson by Machiko Kayaki

Skirt a la carte by Machiko Kayaki

Utsukushi Silhouette no Skirt Angkor Shitakunaru My's Size no Kawaii Smart Style 27 by Watanabe Sato
Okay, this last one doesn't have a shred of English on the cover, so I cut and pasted the title given on the yesasia.com site (the retailer from whom I purchased the books). I have no idea what on Earth that title is supposed to mean. Honestly though I don't care, because inside this book are the most lovely skirts and that's all I need to know.

These books are like the other books I have purchased recently. They all come with full sized pattern sheets that must be traced because there are several pattern pieces, in several sizes on each sheet (think BWOF). After browsing through the newest acquisitions, I have a million ideas buzzing through my brain. Now, it's just a matter of listening for which one buzzes the loudest to determine what's up next on the sewing docket.


Dzesika said...

I think "kawaii" means "cute." So maybe it's saying these are smart dressy patterns, not cutesy ones?

MarilynB said...

Anything related to sewing is addictive. I went through my Japanese sewing book phase last year and now have a lovely library of those books. I think it's the photos that make them so enticing.

Enjoy your summer.

Vicki said...

How wonderful to have all that time ahead of you and all that inspiration in your stash! Have fun :)

Nancy K said...

These don't have to be drafted like Mrs Stylebook? That is very interesting. Have you figured out the sizing yet?

Summerset said...

Yeah for you! Freedom at last! I know the feeling.

Now, I must.not.look.at.Japanese.sewing.books! I've already got a full summer/fall/winter planned!

Maggie said...

Shannon, Glad you are feeling better. Those Japanese books have been calling to me for a while now. I'm like you in size, so the intrigue was there from the start. I can't figure out where to begin the collection though, so I'm asking your opinion on which one to purchase first. Thanks,

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Okay I'm glad that you are done for this school year...so let the sewing begin! :)

Kitty Couture said...

Yay, have fun! :)

Tany said...

I don't have those 3 books! I bet they are fabulous! Yep, we do share a LOT of obsessions, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Kawaii means cute (so it appears all the time in conjunction with Hello Kitty), and shitakunaru means "to come to want to do it" -- probably meaning that the pictures are going to make you want to make these skirts! If you hit a glitch and want a quick translation I'll be happy to try to help. I've got to get these books myself!