25 March 2007

Simplicity 1954

Pattern: Simplicity 1954 (copyright date unknown - ETA: I was informed that the likely copyright date is 1960 or 1961 - thanks, Gail!)

Size: size 11 (bust 31.5", waist 24.5", hip 33.5")

Fabric: Lightweight black wool with brown and rust embroidered flowers and vines from Fabricland. This fabric feels like cashmere - it is scrumptious. The lining is a black rayon (Bemberg lining) fabric.

Project Photo
: front view (left photo) and back view (right photo)

: This is another top for my SWAP. Obviously, the pattern intends for this garment to be worn as a jacket. However, since the fabric I used was a lightweight wool, this will work quite nicely as a top (although allowing it to do double duty as a jacket on occasion is a bonus).

I whipped together a wearable muslin (which is not quite finished yet) for this top just to get a feel for the sizing. It is a good thing that I did. The waist was a bit more snug than I would have liked. To remedy this, made the pleats in the back waist region smaller, freeing up some extra fabric. The bust region, on the other hand, was a bit too big. However, since both the muslin fabric and this fabric are wool, I was able to just steam out the excess fabric (I love that wool is so cooperative).

This top is fully lined in black Bemberg rayon lining. I inserted the lining completely by hand (as many of you know that I am wont to do).

Like all the vintage patterns I have used lately, this one went together nicely. Every notch and dot matched up, all the seams were the same length, the pattern instructions were comprehensive and logical - unlike many of today's patterns. If you ask me, the modern incarnations of these pattern companies should cast an eye back to their roots.

My favourite design features on this top are the cropped length, the pleats at the back waist and the tabs with button closures across the lower back and the front neck.

: I really like this top. It wears like a comfortable sweater. I love the way it looks with both the black and coffee SWAP skirts. It even looks good buttoned up over the rust SWAP dress.


Tany said...

Wonderful! I agree with you when you say "the modern incarnations of these pattern companies should cast an eye back to their roots", in my opinion sewing book editors should do the same! There's nothing like a good old vintage sewing book!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Another amazing piece...I know you are nearing the finish line and I can't wait to see all 11 pieces together...talk about "eye candy" my eyes are already watering at the thought! *LOL*

Summerset said...

Really beautiful! The tab detail caught my eye right away.

I agree - all my vintage patterns go together wonderfully, but I've seen too many modern ones with issues.

Marji said...

What a great piece. Love the fabric and the design lines.

Vicki said...

Very nice. Was it sewn on the new machine? How are you liking it?

Audrey said...

I love the jacket, especially the fabric. I am looking forward to the pictures of you wearing your SWAP garments. Your positive experience with vintage patterns is motivating me to try some of mine.

Linda L said...

Great looking jacket!

Moonwishes said...

I just checked in my pattern guide "Blueprints of Fashion" and your pattern would be from 1960 or 61. thought you might want to know. All your stuff is lovely!