3 January 2007

"Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do."

It's Jan 3rd and so far my new year's resolutions are not going well. But, Lucy's Fabrics had a sale and I've been wanting some of those fabrics for a while and she just got in some new rayon/lycra jersey and I used a coupon and I can stop anytime I want...Wait a minute, now I'm starting to sound like an addict. Trust me, I know exactly what I'm doing - I'll get right back on track with my stash reduction tomorrow. Everything will be fine. Besides, I don't have to explain myself to you - you're not the boss of me! :)

Drumroll please...

Double Knit Brown & Stretch Fleece Cream
Rayon Lycra Jersey: Blue Mood, Green Pucci, Hermes Inspired, Peacock
& Peacock Sheer


Marji said...

Spoken just like a true fiber addict, and illustrated just like a true enabler! Great fabrics.
now chanting "will not go there" will not go there

angie.a said...

Oh, I'm SO goin there ;) I really, really need that pucci!

Anonymous said...

OOOOh, you're such an enabler! I had to click on the Lucy link as soon as I saw those fabulous fabrics!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Been there, seen it and escaped! Shannon I have the same coupon and almost purchased some of the blue mood that you bought but when it was described as a large print ~ I backed away from the monitor!

However, I love, love, love your blog! You are my first read now after Artisan's Square! Keep up the good work!

Shannon said...

I'm always more than happy to encourage others in my obssession!

Carolyn, thank for the kind words. That is a huge compliment coming from you.