2 January 2011

Hartley vs Guinness

I have a riddle for you.  

What do you get when mix a 4-pack of beer and very rambunctious pup with very strong teeth?


Don't worry.  No vizslas were harmed during the making of this riddle.


KID, MD said...

Hah! Hartley wins!!

Andrea said...

Isn't it great how dogs can have so much fun with anything (or nothing) at all? I love his intense focus and licky tongue in the last photo.

shams said...

lol. He is entering those delicate teen years. Party hardy, and all!

gMarie said...

So glad to see Mr. Hartley won! Beau loves beer and even stuck his tongue in my champagne the other day. Made him sneeze, but he came back for more. g

She Says said...

He's so cute. And he gave that beer what for!

Caryn said...

Man, look at those eyes in the last pic.

Tracy said...

It seems dogs know whats in those shiney cans. My brothers dog drank at least ten cans before he found out who was taking his cans.

amber said...

So stinkin' cute!