22 February 2010

Lacquer Lundi

Straight to the pretties:

Rimmel Play Fast - Scene Stealer
- purchased at Rexall (chain drug store) for $3.26 CDN

Scene Stealer has a burnished brown base with plenty of gold shimmer.  It is a very unique colour that quite pretty on the nail.  It is sparkly, but not overtly so.  This is a great polish for the woman looking for something neutral, but still interesting.

Scene Stealer applied nicely, as the formula is the perfect consistency.  The brush is also nice and wide.  Unfortunately, if you plan on wearing this colour alone and like no visible nail line like me, be prepared to do four coats of polish.  I think future wearings of Scene Stealer will involve using it as a layer over top of another opaque colour.  Scene Stealer had good wear - only tip wear after two days.

NYX - Carnation
- purchased at Rexall (chain drug store) for $5.99 CDN

Although it's not really a popular choice, I loves me some yellow nail polish, so when I spotted Carnation in the store, I could not resist.  It is a gorgeous light yellow creme that positively screams spring (something of which I am sorely in need right now).  However, when I see this polish, it reads more as a daffodil to me than a carnation, but that's splitting hairs.

I would like to say that Carnation applied well, but then I'd be a big, fat liar.  First coat - weird and streaky and lumpy.  Second coat - only slightly less weird and streaky and lumpy.  Third coat - seemed to even almost all the bald spots out and provide good coverage.  Carnation did wear well though - only minor tip wear after one day.

Nfu Oh - #559
- purchased at fabuloustreet.com for $12.50 US

#559 practically jumped into my cart during my last Nfu Oh order.  With its moody, dusty deep teal colour and its perfect creme formula, how could I resist?  Not to mention that this colour features prominently in my wardrobe, so this polish serves as another outfit accessory.

#559 applied nicely - good consistency and opacity in just two coats.  It, however, did not wear as well as some of my other polishes.  I had a fair amount of tip wear after only one day.


Rose said...

I enjoyed the "pretties" as usual. I'm going to look for "Scene Stealer" since I'd like another neutral color.

PerryPie said...

Ooooh, scene stealer. I hope they're available at other drug stores. I don't know where our Rexall is.

Paige said...

Those are lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Scene Stealer too. I'm going to get that one. I am now wearing polish most of the time, thanks to you, after years of bare nails. And also thanks to your answer to my query, I'm getting better at the application in the cuticle area.

Jen said...

Nice colours...your blog has just been barked at. My baby loves your photo of Simon and was barking and pointing to the "DA". Hope he's doing better.

Carol said...

I have a similar colour to the first one on my toes at present and it is just not me. I've been wearing a bright yellow CND all week on my fingers and I love it, but the last one is a colour I want now. I've never seen this brand in Australia, but I'm going to track it down because I love creme polishes best of all and this one is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Scene Stealer looks like one for me! Check out Dr. Frankenpolish for a link to another blog that advises using your neutral (mannequin hands) polish as a base for the more transparent colors to banish vnl. For the yellow - isn't there an additive (even a good clear base coat) you can put in colors that have weird consistency? Plus, I've found on colors like that, that when I apply the final clear topcoat the visual problems often go away - not to say that the application issues aren't annoying. I just threw away a brand new bottle of a great color because it was such a mess to apply!


DawnRose said...

Love the yellow! Just wanted to finally comment. I read your blog regularly and wanted to share that I'm currently in school for secondary education, science emphasis. Basically, I's gonna be a science teacher of some sort! I think you rock. And the zombie apocalypse will not be televised!