9 November 2009

Lacquer Lundi

This week, I decided to stick to a sewing and fashion theme. I picked polishes that had names that conjured up thoughts of whirring sewing machines, fabric splurges and fashionable attire.

Now on to the pretties:

Avon Nailwear Pro - Tweed
- Avon purchased at avon.ca for $2.99 CDN

It seemed apropos to begin with a polish named after one of my favourite types of fabric. There is nothing more satisfying than working with a lovely wool tweed. It shapes and presses so beautifully - it truly is a dream to sew. Avon's Tweed is equally as wonderful. This dark burgundy red is a gorgeous fall shade.

Tweed applied like dream - excellent consistency allowed it to be applied to the nail easily. It covered opaquely in two coats, but I did a third to increase the deep of colour. It dried quickly, even with the three coats and the wear was excellent. I had only very minor tip wear after two days.

New York Color in a Minute - Penn Station
- purchased at Rexall (chain drug store) for $1.39

Penn Station services New York's Garment District - a mecca for fabric shoppers (and a place that I want to visit someday - for now, I will just have to be happy with Toronto's fabric district, which is still pretty awesome). So, what better colour to wear on your tips while organizing (or adding to) the fabric stash closet? Penn Station appears pinkish red in the bottle, but it reads as a true red (with a bit of shimmer thrown in) on the nail.

Penn Station applied nicely, dried quickly and wore extremely well. I am always pleased with my NYCIAM polishes - they are an exceptional value for the money. I have yet to be disappointed by any of them.

China Glaze - Lubu Heels

- purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for $3.99 CDN

Inspired by the legendary Christian Louboutin red sole, Lubu Heels is a more economical way to channel your inner diva. Lubu Heels is a sheerish black base with sparkly red glitter. It is dark and vampy and gorgeous. Be sure to click on the photo to see the flecks of red glitter encased in the black.

Lubu Heels applies well. However, since the black base is fairly sheer, three coats is needed to build up to bottle colour. This polish wore well, with only tip wear after one and a half days.

This is one of my all time favourite polishes - I love it!

Sally Hansen Salon - Project Runway
- purchased at Shoppers (chain drug store) for $5.99 CDN

Project Runway (the show) has captured the imaginations and hearts of thousands of seamstresses worldwide. The drama, the fashion, the fabric, the sewing - what's not to love? Project Runway (the polish) is equally as fascinating - a lovely forest green base packed with golden shimmer. I own many greens and this is easily in my top three favourites.

Project Runway applied well and required two coats to ensure opacity. Unfortunately, the wear was not spectacular. I had a fair amount of tip wear after less than 12 hours. However, the tip wear did not get any worse for the remaining day and a half that I wore it.


Debbie Cook said...

I'm fascinated with your Laquer Lundi posts and it's just not a Monday anymore without them. ;-) I have a couple of questions.
1. When you say "dried quickly," how fast is that? Do nailpolishes now dry faster than they used to, oh ... 15 years ago? When I used to use colored polishes (I have acrylic pink/white now), I could never do them at night because I'd wake up with sheet wrinkle imprints on my nails.
2. Have you ever thought of showing an "after" photo, to show the wear quality of the polish? I think that would be interesting to see too. Or maybe you have and I missed it?
Have a great week!

gwensews said...

Ditto, Debbie. I look forward to Monday morning to see your Laquer Lundi post. Lovde the black and green polish. Your nails are beautiful.

InkyW said...

Lubu Heels is my favorite black polish - so much so I have two bottles, which I never do and have nearly finished one - also something I rarely do. I'm wearing it right now!

The China Glaze Strong Adhesion basecoat is something you may want to try - it has really made a difference in staying power for me - I've had this Lubu on for 10 days and it's just beginning to chip/wear on the tips (and i type for a living).


Trudy said...

What great names.

Anonymous said...

Love them, especially Tweed.

Summerset said...

Oh, there are some really pretty colors this week!

How's Simon doing? I hope he's feeling much better now and had a restful weekend.

Carol said...

The green gets me every time! I love the Lubu heels, though. We just don't get things like that in Australia, at least not in the bush where I live.

Maggie said...

Count me in as one that enjoys reading the polish posts. I still can't get over what great shape your nails have. Just perfect for polish.

Rose said...

I have to admit that I'm envious (in a non-malicious way) of your ability to maintain your nails, sew wonderful garments and work full time! I shall have to work manicures into my regular schedule!

Rose in SV

cidell said...

I LOVE Lubu Heels! It's also one of my favorite colors of all time. Actually, I just included it on on my MUA nailboard Top 20!

Simone said...

I hadn't realised how much your SUPER Lacquer Lundi posts affected me until I suddenly discovered myself buying nail polish and doing my nails too ... after a nail polish break of years and years and years :-)) LOL! And not only do I do my nails now, I actually change the colour every few days. Hahahaha!

Thanks for these fabulous posts.