21 September 2009

Lacquer Lundi

Straight to the pretties:

China Glaze - DV8
- purchased at head2toebeauty.com for $3.29 US

I love DV8, with unbridled, burning passion! This scrumptious turquoise holographic polish from China Glaze's OMG! Collection is so beautiful it's almost painful. There is nothing bad about this polish.

DV8 applied wonderfully, so smooth and easy. It covers perfectly in two coats, although I could have gotten away with a single coat if I had been a bit more careful. It wore well over two days - just minor tip wear.

If you love blue and you're looking for a unique holo polish, this is the one! I can easily say that this is one of my favourite polishes.

BB Couture - Little Deuce Coupe & Revlon Glimmer Gloss - Banana Blaze
- BB Couture purchased at overallbeauty.com for $9 US
- Revlon purchased at Rexall (chain drug store) for $5.49 CDN

Little Deuce Coupe is a pretty lemon yellow from BB Couture's Rot Rod Collection, which hit the market earlier this year. It is a great addition to a warm weather polish wardrobe. While wearing it, I received many compliments from colleagues and students - as can be expected, yellow is a real eye catcher.

Although the polish had a fairly nice consistency, I was faced with the same application issues that seem to plague all yellow polishes. Even after three carefully applied coats, Little Deuce Coupe was still slightly streaky and uneven. However, unless the observer's eyes are mere centimetres from the nail, it's not that noticeable. This polish wore extremely well - essentially no tip wear or any other blemishes after two days of wear.

Since my Little Deice Coupe manicure still looked so fab, I didn't really want to take it off, but I did want a change. So, I applied two coats of Banana Blaze over top. Banana Balze has a sheer yellow base with tons of sparkling yellow shimmer. However, it still fairly subtle - only when light catches the shimmer does it really come alive. Enlarge the picture to the right to see the tiny sparkles.

Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Sapphire Blue, Caribbean Frost & Bijou Blue
- purchased at Zellers (chain discount store) for $1.97 CDN each

Sapphire Blue is a frosted dark royal blue (on thumb and pinky fingers), Caribbean frost is a frosted emerald green (on pointer and ring fingers) and Bijou Blue is a frosted turquoise (on middle finger). I decided to create a manicure inspired by the ocean and immediately thought of this trio of blue and green untried polishes sitting in my stash.

All three polishes applied rather nicely. However, each polish required a different number of coats to be opaque. Sapphire Blue was perfect in one single coat (nice!), Caribbean Frost needed two and the sheerest of the three, Bijou Blue was still a tad see-through after three coats.

In the past, I have had major issues with the crappy wear of Wet n Wild polishes and these were no exception. I had major chipping (heck, I had flakes coming off the edge of my thumbnail) after less than 24 hours. Also, removal was a PITA. I am now the proud owner of Smurf fingers, as the blue has stained my nails (even though I used a base coat) and cuticles. Blech!


Jen said...

wow that DV8 is gorgeous. So unique.
Your yellow polish looks about the same shade as OPI Banana Bandanna, the one yellow I chose to buy this season. I love it.

Unknown said...

MY colors! LOL! I'd even do the yellow.

Anonymous said...

Oooh - I have (and love) DV8 too, but if you really want the ultimate in blue holos, you should try Nfu-Oh #65 - I can only wear it on my toes, as I otherwise spend too much time staring mesmerized at my nails...

Sew Shy said...

We must have been feeling the same colors recently - I'm wearing the Wet n Wild Caribbean Blue right now. I thought it would look kind of garish against my dark skin, but it doesn't at all. It's my second day wearing it, and like you said, it does chip pretty quickly. Ah well, an excuse to put on another color! I love your Laquer Lundis. Thanks!

Rose said...

I've got to have the DV8. I love it! BTW, I appreciate your assessments of the various polishes. I've found them to be accurate with the ones that I have tried. I can match you on the fabric stash, but not the polish stash yet. If these Monday posts continue (hope they do), that might even change!

Lucy said...

Love holo polishes. I believe I finally have all the China Glaze holo. I'm trying to get the OPI DS series. Love the BB Couture polish. I bought the entire collection. I haven't worn the yellow yet. Looks gorgeous on you. I just bought the special WetnWild Collection. I can't remember the name of it. I've never used this brand before. Guess I won't be buying these again. I have enough polishes so I won't worry about these! They certainly are pretty on you.

Unknown said...

How to you keep your nails (and cuticles) so nice?! I used to have really great nails but lately my thumbs are getting ridges and seem to split easily.. The doctor said it was a normal aging thing. Great...