14 September 2009

Lacquer Lundi

Straight to the pretties:

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Ivy League
- purchased at Zellers (chain discount store) for $2.99 CDN

Ivy League is an absolutely gorgeous medium spring green polish, that positively glows from within due to a beautiful golden shimmer. This polish is definitely one of my favourite greens.

Ivy League has a nice formulation and applies smoothly and moves around the nail nicely. The only issue is coverage. It took me three coats to build up the colour enough to be opaque. I prefer a one or two-coater polish, but for this stunner, I'm willing to make an exception. This polish wore well - only tip wear after a day.

China Glaze - Vintage Crepe
- purchased at head2toebeauty.com for $2.99 US

Vintage crepe is a coral orange creme, with a very subtle pinkish cast. It is the perfect colour for warm summer endeavours, yet it is also appropriate for crisp fall days.

Vintage Crepe applied nicely and was opaque in two coats. It wore well for the day I had it on - only very minor tip wear.

MAC - Beyond Jealous
& China Glaze - Golden Enchantment

- MAC purchased at maccosmetics.ca for $14.50 CDN
- China Glaze purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for $2.00 CDN

Beyond Jealous is another of the latest releases from MAC (I have reviewed two others the last two Lacquer Lundi posts). It is an extremely deep, dark forest green creme that almost appears black in certain lighting. It is most certainly a vampy colour.

Beyond Jealous applied very nicely, covering in two coats, due to very good pigmentation. It also wore well for the day and a half that I had it on alone.

When I decided I wanted a change from the MAC polish, I was too lazy to remove it and start anew, so I brushed Golden Enchantment over top. Golden Enchantment is a pretty polish with a sheer golden base , packed with micro glitter. The glitter shines in every colour of the rainbow on the nail, providing a interesting pick-me-up to a tired manicure. Ooo, sparkly.

My only issue with Golden Enchantment is with removal. As with all glitter polishes, this baby was a pain in the arse to take off. Lots of soaking with an acetone laden piece of felt sped things along, but believe me, there was still swearing!

MAC - Dry Martini
- purchased at maccosmetics.ca for $14.50 CDN

Dry Martini is the piece de resistance in the new MAC offerings as far as I am concerned. Its camouflage greenish-brown shade is unique. I am always smitten by slightly odd, somewhat weird colours and this polish falls firmly in that category. I do not have any other polish in my collection that even remotely resembles Dry Martini. I love it!

Dry Martini flowed smoothly onto the nail and it was opaque in three coats. I can't comment on wear, as I just put it on last night, but it looks great so far!


Jen said...

Yes, that MAC is different, but I like......The Golden Enchantment must be amazing in the sun. Nice colours this week, thanks for reviews:)

Fell4Fashion said...

I LOVE that green! Your colors make me want to paint my nails everyday!!!!!

Sew Shy said...

The MAC colors are awesome, and Dry Martini reminds me of a Revlon color I have and blogged about here (http://sewshy.blogspot.com/2009/05/yummy-color-i-just-had-to-post-it.html). The funny thing is I have that color on right now, and actually put my fingers up to the monitor to compare :)

cidell said...

Are you getting either of the new Chanels? I'm still on the fence. I have Barry M Mint Green, but I still like Jade! Also, I'm tempted by the new Butter London collection. Oh, and of course and still waiting on the OPI Holiday collection to come out so I can order the Spain collection with it. Oy. I have a problem.

Lisette M said...

I love the Mac colors but the price is too steep for me, I will be looking for look-a-likes.

Unknown said...

That green is WILD!

Summerset said...

Love the apple green! I think the glitter is perfect for the dark manicure and really takes that polish to the next level.

Carol said...

I thought I was in love when I saw the first green, but my affections changed when I saw the first MAC dark green but, fickle as I am, I changed my mind again when I saw Dry Martini. I LOVE IT! I want it and I'm now off to see if I can get it in Australia!

Lucy said...

I am awed by your sewing abilities! Very pretty outfits. Love all of these polishes. I have to get Dry Martini. That is so my shade.