6 July 2009

Lacquer Lundi

Straight to the pretties...

Orly - Dazzle
- purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for $ 5.99 CDN

In the comments two Lacquer Lundis ago, Cindy asked about silver polish. Her question made me realize that I don't have any silvers in my polish collection. I had always avoided them because I am an autumn (in terms of colouring) and I thought silver polish would look like death on me. But, ever the trooper, I set out to see what I could find. Well, there is a distinct lack of silver polish at my local stores. The only silver polish I ran across was Orly Dazzle and I'm glad I did.

Dazzle is a great pure metallic silver polish, with no undertones of any other colours. It's easy to apply, opaque in two coats and provided excellent wear (no chipping and essentially non-existent tip wear over the two days I had it on). And, surprise, surprise, it actually looked good on me - nice!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Strawberry Icing
- purchased at Rexall (chain drug store) for $ 1.52 CDN

I have said before that I am not a huge fan of pink polish, but all sense went out the window when I saw Strawberry Icing on sale for $1.52. I figured why not pick it up -it's super cheap and I love this SH brand. You'd think by now I would have learned to listen to my inner voice that was screaming, "Are you nuts? Pink? Seriously??" Well my inner voice was right because apparently I am not meant to wear bubble gum pink polish - imagine that. I felt like a complete knob for the entire day that I had it on.

Don't get me wrong - it's a great polish, just not on me. If you like sparkly Barbie pink nails, go for it, you can't go wrong. I, however, will be giving this polish to my best friend's 17 year old daughter. I'm sure she'll look adorable in it.

Orly - Green with Envy
- purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for $ 5.99 CDN

While I was picking up the Orly Dazzle, Green with Envy caught my eye. It is such a strange green - kinda minty and weird. Needless to say, I had to give it a whirl.

It went on smoothly and the consistency was great. However, even after three coats it was not perfectly opaque, which might be okay for many ladies, but I don't like VNL (visible nail line), so I wish it was more pigmented. It stayed nice for the two days it was on - no chipping and very little tip wear. Unfortunately, this colour is horrific on me - it brings out the blue veins on my hands which is not the best look for anyone trying to look non-corpse-like. I'll keep it in my collection though - I can probably make it work by putting a crazy glitter polish over top of it next time.

Avon Nailwear Pro - Classic Fit
- purchased at Avon.ca for $ 2.99 CDN

Classic Fit is another new release from Avon and I love this navy polish. It's dark and vampy and all 'round fabu. Bear in mind though that this polish reads as black from a distance - it's only when you're very close and/or in high light that the polish appears navy.

The formula is great - smooth, easy to apply and highly pigmented. If I had been very careful, I probably could have gotten away with just one coat - however I ended up doing two coats to ensure opacity. My only problem was the issue I have with all dark polishes - they are difficult to apply neatly. Any mishandling of the brush and the mistake is glaringly obvious - there is no hiding shoddy application with the vampy lacquers.


gwensews said...

Love the silver and the navy. I like to tip my nails with gold, but the silver would be interesting.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Ha-ha-ha... non-corpse like......

All 4 of these are really nice, That Orly Dazzle is something else.

I think I have wrongly overlooked Avon polish's, I might have to pick some up.1 coat eh....what was the drying time like?

Rachel said...

I love your fingernail polish---especially the silver and the navy.

Anonymous said...

thank you! This is the perfect silver. I saw a pedicure in a silver and have been thinking of it ever since . I knew you were the right source! Looks great on you.

Anonymous said...

My neice and I are just LOVING that silver! Do you wear silver jewelry? If not maybe you should give it a try.

Maggie said...

Shannon, I was told I'm an autumn also, but every now and then I go with the silver accesories and get compliments, so give them a whirl. Actually the navy would fall into the "cooler"range of colors too. I like all of these choices today.

angie.a said...

I was going to tell you about the Orly dazzle. That's the silver I have. I add a topcoat of CG Fairy Dust for yummy sparkle! Great for summer toes too.

Summerset said...

Love the silver and the navy! I hate seeing that line through polishes, too and will do extra coat to prevent it.

Trudy said...

What fun colors.

I love your blog.

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You can also check my 8 year old daughter's sewing blog at www.sewingsister.blogspot.com

Rose said...

Hmmm...an "Autumn" venturing into winter colors. You're a risk taker but the silver seems to work - looks good! I dunno about the green and black. Those will take some pondering for me.

Danielle said...

I LOVE that silver!!! Maybe that will be my next mani/pedi color!