21 May 2009

What's Your Colour?

I have always loved taking quizzes - especially the ones that offer some insight into my personality. In that vein, I recently attended a professional development meeting where we were to determine our colour (either blue, gold, orange or green). I am a gold (with green my next strongest colour). The characteristics* for a gold person are spot on:


Golds are the backbone of society. "Good as gold," they are loyal, hard working, responsible, and dependable. They are clean, neat, well organized, and punctual. They take pride in their families, their homes, civic duties, work, and upholding traditions. They keep good records, pay their bills on time, and are financially prudent ("A penny saved is a penny earned."). Golds are natural leaders. Because they are so conventional, Golds may become rigid, habit-bound, and set in their ways. They don’t like sudden change, mess, or confusion, and become agitated with other people’s tardiness or sloppiness. Golds may find it difficult not to judge others harshly and they sometimes take life, and themselves, too seriously.

People who don’t accommodate Golds very well may accuse them of being boring, stuck in a rut, uncompromising, critical, or "control freaks."

You will likely find bright Golds in professions which require responsibility, precision, and order (military, law, accounting, engineering, record keeping), or volunteering in traditional organizations such as scouting or youth sports. They enjoy running things and often take management roles, where they will give their utmost and tend to every detail.

Famous Golds: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Colin Powell, country singer Clint Black, the fictional Mr. Banks in "Mary Poppins," TV’s Judge Judy.

Okay, so what if I'm an inflexible, controlling neat freak - you got a problem with that???

What colour are you?

* for more info on the color characteristics, see here, here and here.


Vicki said...

Ok, I am gold too. Perfect for an accountant and a mother. But I wonder if my profession and parental responsibilities have made me that way, rather than the other way around? Who knows. But I think I had better do something fun and spontaneous this weekend! Be a bit more blue for a change :))

angie.a said...

I'm definitely blue...with a hint of orange. Although green speaks to me too. So then I went and took the quiz and am blue...with my next highest being orange tied with green. :D HA!

Summerset said...

LOL. I am a gold, with green next, too.

Toby Wollin said...

I'm almost evenly divided between green and blue, with a smattering of gold.

Modiste Madness said...
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Tany said...

I'm green followed by gold, lol