25 May 2009

Lacquer Lundi

I have been asked for a 20th high school reunion report and I am in the process of writing the post, so stay tuned...

Now on to the pretties:

China Glaze - Spin Me Round
- purchased at Head2Toe Beauty for $ 3.29 US

Spin Me Round, from China Glaze's Kaleidoscope collection, would be a great polish for the woman looking for something conservative office friendly (as it's pretty sedate and neutral indoors) with a twist (it is holographic in natural light). It is a light peachy bronze base with holographic micro glitter.

It goes on like a dream - not too thick, not too thin - just the perfect consistency. Unfortunately, as with most holo polishes, it has to be worn without a top coat (top coats seem to severely diminish the holographic nature of the polish), so tip wear and chipping is an issue. I only wore this polish for one day as I cannot stand when my manicure isn't perfect. With that said, I still really liked this polish.

Sally Hansen Salon - Forsythia

- purchased at Shoppers for $ 5.49 CDN

This polish is from the Spring 2009 limited edition Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Salon collection. Forsythia is a light yellow shimmer that reminds me of Dijon mustard. I know not everyone is jumping on the yellow polish bandwagon and there seems to be two main camps - love or loathe it. I, however, knew I had to have Forsythia the minute I saw it, as I have become downright smitten with yellow nail polish.

This polish went on fairly smoothly - I've had better, but I've also had worse. It took three coats to cover and remove all streakiness, but that is typical of a yellow nail polish. I only wore it for one day as it didn't match my outfit for Prom, but in that time I had minimal tip wear and no chipping.

China Glaze - Orange Marmalade

- purchased at Head2Toe Beauty for $ 2.99 US

Juicy orange. That is what comes to mind when wearing this polish. Orange Marmalade is another glass flecked beauty from the Summer Days collection for Summer 2009. I love orange and I love glimmer, so this polish could not be any more perfect in my opinion.

This polish is super easy to apply and is nicely opaque in two coats. It does have some wear issues though - after less than 24 hours I had some tip wear (not enough to make me redo my mani, but it would be nice if it held up a bit better).

I donned this polish to finish off my Prom outfit this year and I got a bunch of compliments on it. Here is a picture of me with a colleague - you can't see the polish but you can see the dress that I wore it with (some of you may remember this dress from two summers ago).

Misa - Toxic Seduction
- purchased at Head2Toe Beauty for $ 3.00 US

The colour of Toxic Seduction (from Misa's Poisoned Passion collection) is a deep, intense forest green, with an almost metallic shimmer. It reminds me of car paint - I totally would drive a cute little Mercedes SLK350 painted in this colour!

The Misa polish formulation is exquisite - it glides on flawlessly, covers in two thin coats and looks amazing on the nail. After trying a few Misa polishes lately, I am a believer - I just wish it was easier to get my hands on them (I can only seem to find US online sources). My only complaint is with dry time - it seems to take a bit longer than many of my other polishes, even with a quick dry top coat.


cidell said...

I tried on a great Butter London yellow at the Seattle airport. I didn't buy it, because I thought $7 for a cream yellow was high. But, I'm going to Joann's today to check out Fingerpaints.

I LOVE Toxic Seduction. I actually really like Misa. If you can, please try Dirty Sexy Money. It's a greenish creamish teal, but it's beautiful. I hope they come out with a new collection soon.

BTW, I still have something for you. I temporarily lost it, but it turned up again this weekend. I'm such a slob.

gwensews said...

Love the green and yellow polish. They look nice on your hands. Lovely dress also. Now, there's a thought--buy cars to match nail polish!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Okay I am not a nail polish girl. I only paint my toes and they are either bright red or a pale pink but I have been following this series every Monday morning. And now I have a question, just how many bottles of nail polish do you own?

Christina said...

I have that Tracy Reese yellow too. I found that I didn't like how it looked on my when the skies were cloudy and grey, but when the sun came out it looked good. "Dijon" is a good way to describe it!

Sandra said...

Completely out of line.... but your colleague is cute! ;o) *blush*

And loved the dress then and love it now. The colors look so nice on you.

Carol said...

I love the green and I am wearing a colour very similar at this very minute. A little Sally Bowles and I think Irma La Douce wore green polish as well. I recently bought a brilliant canary yellow that I must post on my blog for you to see. I haven't worn it yet, so maybe this is the week! I also have a softer yellow that I've worn a few times, but you only really get one good day out of a colour like that. The more mustard colour you have is lovely, If you find a dark orange in a cream rather than a frosted, please let me know! That's what I'm on the hunt for.

Anonymous said...

I have found that base coat + holo + top coat + holo = durability AND sparkly holo goodness!