5 April 2009

The Tudors

Has anyone else been watching The Tudors? It is a period television series based on the early reign of King Henry VIII. Although much of the plot is historical in nature, it has a large dose of soap opera drama and intrigue tossed in for good measure.

Season 1 revolves around Henry's growing rejection of his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, due to her inability to provide him with a male heir. As he petitions the Catholic church to allow him to annul his marriage, he is embroiled in international turmoil, while having several affairs, siring an illegitimate son (who later dies) and courting Anne Boleyn. Anne, unlike the other court tarts realizes that Henry can eventually be manipulated to marry her if she plays hard to get.

Season 2 begins with the King basically declaring himself the head of the Church of England. This, coupled with his secret marriage to a preganant Anne, causes the Pope to threaten excommunication if he doesn't go back to Catherine. Anne quickly learns that her life as the Queen is not all it's cracked up to be when she gives birth to a daugther (the future Queen Elizabeth I) and Henry's eyes wander to Jane Seymour.

Season 3 begins tonight, but I won't be watching it as I am still working my way through the DVDs for Season 2.

Although the storyline is highly engaging, I must admit I watch for different reasons - the costumes, the jewellery and the sets. This show spares no expense to do it up right. The costumes are sumptuous works of art, the jewelry is jaw-dropping and the settings are exquisite. Click here for a collection of photos to see for yourself.


Myra said...

I saw season 1 and loved it, I will be renting the season 2 DVD's soon. Have you read the novels by Phillippa Gregory?

angie.a said...

I've been wanting to pick up the dvds for the exact same reasons! Plus, Henry is really yummy. The previews for S3 are what made my interest perk up, but I want to start from the beginning so won't be watching yet either!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I know you haven't gotten to the end of Season 2 yet...but the pearls that Anne Boylen wears before she is led to the gallows are amazing! I am hooked on this show...the best thing is that I have onDemand so I can watch it whenever I want, start and stop and even take a picture or two without having to rent or own the dvds.

gwensews said...

Things haven't changed much since that time, apparently!

I haven't seen this gem, but will be watching for it on the TV, or perhaps track down the DVDs.

Thanks for the photos.

.x.Helen.x. said...

I love it. I missed it first time around so watched Season 1 virtually back to back in order to be up to date before season 2 started. I watch it for (1) Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill (2) the costumes (3) the storyline - in that order!

Alex said...

I really like this show, though I missed quite a few of the episodes of the end of season II.

It's also neat to see a Canadian/British production being aired on American TV as well.

Thanks for the heads up for season 3.

mamafitz said...

i've had both seasons in my netflix queue for a while (and honestly, it's because of jonathan rhys myers. yes, i am shallow). methinks i should bump it to the top!

Unknown said...

If you like The Tudors - don't EVER ruin it and see "The Other Boleyn Girl" with Scarlett Johanson. It was amazing on the costumes and sets, but totally raunchy and almost sickening (to me). I really didn't like it.

Tany said...

I watched the Tudors religiously! Loved that TV series