21 May 2008

The Great Coat Sew Along

Marji (kind soul that she is) has put together a sew along for several seamstresses wishing to create a winter coat. A blog has been established to which all participants may post.

The Sew Along has the following time line:
May - Gather materials
June - muslin for fit and style
July - begin cutting/mounting/interfacing
mid-July - pockets and buttonholes
August - finish construction of shell, sleeves
mid to late August - construct lining
Sept - lining into coat
Goal - finish by end of September

At first I wasn't going to participate, but I enjoy the feeling of community that surrounds an event such as this one. Also, the last two winters I have been schlepping around in a down jacket. Although this jacket is warm on cold winter days, it is rather less than stylish (especially over work and formal clothes), so I would like to add to my wardrobe of coats.

Like Marji, I would like to sew up three coats: a long coat, a short coat and a fun coat. Since I have the summer off (nine glorious weeks in July and August), I should have the time to complete all three coats (and even if I only manage to get one done, I'll still be ahead of the game). At this point, I am a bit unsure of which patterns I will use, but I have some ideas. I love the following vintage, re-released vintage and Burda World of Fashion patterns.

***** LONG COAT *****

Advance 9560
I adore the collar and the A-line shape. It would function quite well over pants, as well as skirts in the winter.

I have a dark brown wool that should work well with this pattern.

Vogue 4137
This coat is designed to be reversible, which would double my potential wearing opportunities. I'm not sure at this point if I prefer the version with or without the tie at the neck.

I have a gorgeous camel double faced fabric that might work quite nicely for this project.

***** SHORT COAT *****

Vogue 2884
I have loved this pattern for the longest time and it would make a gorgeous short coat. The collar and pockets are sublime.

I think it would look great in this teal wool/cashmere blend.

Vogue 1023
I love the lines of this coat, but I'm not sure I won't freeze half to death because of the open collar.

This brown mohair fabric might pair up nicely with this pattern.

***** FUN COAT *****

Burda WOF 9/2007 - 104
I will call this my "Ode to Tany" coat. I still remember the first time I saw the coat that Tany made - I was beyond smitten. I knew I had to have one of my own.

I have always wanted a funky and fabulous leopard print coat. Now, thanks to Tany for the inspiration and to Marji for the push in the right direction, I should be workin' my animal magnetism by early fall of this year. Rowr!

ETA: I have been asked where I got this fabric - check out the faux fur category at Fabric Mart.

So, I just need to decide between the two long coats and the two short coats and I should be ready to rock and roll (assuming I don't change my mind altogether and come up with some other options). Any opinions?


Maggie said...

Shannon, I like the longer choices you selected. I find short jackets stylish, but nothing beats a classic long wool coat for those cold winter nights. I threw on my down jacket on those cold days too. And I had to rely on my 10 year old long wool coat that I made way back then for dressier occasions. The shoulder pads were rediculous! So this sew along is great! In fact I actually collect coat patterns ( weird) and coat fabric so there's plenty to pick from right here in my stash.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Shannon.
I really like the V 2884 in the teal. That pattern is awesome! I suppose it is out of print.

I am thinking of sewing along also. I don't have enough wool in my stash. So I might have to BUY some! Bummer!


Anonymous said...

Where did you find the leopard fur? this looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Like Nancy I'd love to know where you found the leopard fur,I'd love to get my hands on some.Eithne

Gwen said...

Both long coat options looks good to me. For the short coat, I'm leaning towards Vogue 2884 in teal - although, to be honest, that may be in part because I love the teal. ;)
Let me put in this request: If you are only able to finish one coat, please make it the FUN one! :)

Meg said...

Glad to see you're also participating in the Coat Sewalong. I love Vogue 4137!

Summerset said...

Great ideas! I need to get it in gear and see if I have enough fabric or if I need to find another pattern.

Jamie said...

I love your ideas! I have a rather extensive coat wish list as well and have been toying around with joining in the sew-along...looking at the timeline it might actually be do-able.

For your choices, I'm in love with the Advance pattern and the Vogue/teal combo you selected! And no wardrobe is complete without a rockstar coat!!! LOVE that leopard faux fur!

I can't wait to follow along with your progress!

Dana said...

Hmmm, I do need a new winter coat too. Wasn't planning to make it in the summer but I like the looks of the timeline and there are a lot of fabric sales out there.

I agree with others that if you only get one coat done, do the fun one! Also, I've made (sans a muslin) Vogue 1023 and the results barely resembled the pictures on the pattern. It was much more fitted and the sleeves with the cuff hit just below my elbows. I think I did a review of it on PR.

Vicki said...

I like Vogue 2884 but wonder how well it would go with jeans. I as still looking for a pattern for my 2 metres x 150cm fabric I have that I want to use.

For the long coat I like V 4137 as the Advance one does not appear to look much different that the Burda one.

Tany said...

Thanks for the shout out! That leopard coat is one of my favorites and I just know I'll keep wearing it next year!

I love your pattern choices! And I've been trying to decide if I'll join Marji's sew-along or not... The issue here is that I have my hands full right now and during spring/summer it's really hard to find coating fabric around here! If a jacket was allowed (or maybe I could call it a short coat?) I still have V8307 from my fall/winter list and I already have the notions for this model... So it's a *maybe*!

Claire said...

Shannon, I too love your ideas. For the short coat add my vote to the teal. Actually I really like both of those short coats. For the one with the open collar, could you add a hidden button? Or use this as an excuse to get a fabulous warm scarf to fill in the neckline.

I'm still trying to figure out which pattern to use.

Marji said...

I'm loving your choices and the fact that you are going multiple too!
The camel double sided wool - did that come from Vogue Fabrics in Chicago? They have/had it. I saw it there.
of course, the ode to Tany is just too much fun. Great coat!
PattiF will be making V2884 too. I know that from the emails being sent to me.
I know that whatever you make will be fabulous!

lorrwill said...

You have the best taste in patterns and fabric! Great choices.

I am an unofficial participant in the sew along and I chose a coat with an open collar - cos its an excuse to stock up on kewl (colorful, funky, fun, etc.) scarves! Well that and power surge issues....

Anonymous said...

I love your choices (not to mention your fabrics), especially Vogue 1023. Vogue's on sale at JoAnn this weekend -- I think I'm going to pick that one up. The retro-pea-coat-turned-couture look is to die for!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)