7 January 2008

My New Love

I have discovered a new love - I am smitten with Fashionista Fabrics. Just after Christmas, Melody (the proprietress of FF) put on a big sale. I had been eyeing her fabrics for quite some time and this sale put me over the edge. Between everything being 40% off and free shipping to Canada for any order over $200, I could resist no longer.

The turn around time on this order was astounding. I placed my order on Saturday, December 29th, for which a confirmation email was sent immediately. I received a personal email from Melody on Monday, December 31st telling me that the order had been shipped. The package was here today, Monday, January 7th. Keep in mind that when I order from the US, the package must cross the border and go through customs. Normally, I expect a package from the US to take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to reach me. This package took just 7 days, during a week that contained a holiday - that's pretty darn good!!

Inside the box, the fabrics were wrapped in individual plastic bags and a lovely handwritten note was included. From start to finish, Fashionista Fabrics' customer service is exceptional.

So, without further ado, here's a peak at my new lovelies:

Copper Missoni Style Knit, Chocolate/Lime Rayon Floral

Chunky Handwoven, Tahari Wool Herringbone

Brown Tweed, Art Deco Influenced Silk Print

Greek Key Wool, Tahari Winter White Herringbone


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Isn't Melody's service the absolute best! And boy did she get that to you quickly ~ I know you must be a happy camper! I have been scoping on that rayon fabric...glad you got it instead! *LOL*

Sharon Sews said...

I ordered from her a few months ago and, like you, was amazed at the fantastic customer service! You purchased some beautiful fabrics.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a new FF customer drawn in by the sale. Am very excited to read your positive comments. I live in Switzerland and am curious to see how long it takes for my package to arrive. I'm finding that it's cheaper for me to buy U.S. sale fabric and pay for international shipping than it is for me to buy comparable fabrics in Zurich! (Easier, as well, since I don't yet speak a word of German!)

Summerset said...

Hmm . . she does have some nice fabrics. BTW, Michael's is having a sale, too. 75% off the Zegna fabrics and 50% off everything else.

Yes, that was too funny about the leopard tops!

Elaray said...

Wow! You scored some fabulous fabrics! I'm going to have to take a look at Fashionista Fabrics.

Leslie said...

Wow, thanks for posting about your experience. I'm still kicking myself for not taking advantage of the 40% off, I had my eye on that winter white Tahari as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon....Beautiful selections! A month or so ago I ordered the chunky handwoven wool as well; will you pretreat it in the standard way that you outlined several days ago. Given its unusual yet beautiful texture, I was wondering about the best way to prepare it. Any thoughts?
Linda M.

Becky said...

Oh, those fabrics are GORGEOUS. It's a good thing I'm broke, or I'd be seriously tempted! (And here I'm trying to actually use things up instead of buy more fabric...)

I like that Missoni-style knit especially.

CraftRage said...

Gahh! So many fabrics! Thank goodness for post-Christmas credit card exhaustion, or I'd be a fabricshopaholic!

Connie B said...

I'm not entirely certain whether to thank you or curse you! There are some great fabrics there and I love the free shipping to Canada over 200$! How did it work out for customs?