4 November 2007

In The Pink

I will not wear pink in a box.
I will not wear pink with a fox.
I will not wear pink in a boat.
I will not wear pink with a goat.
I will not wear pink here or there.
I will not wear pink anywhere...um, yeah, you get the idea...

The last time I wore pink was in June of 1989. The closest I get to pink these days is a deep, rich coral orange. I have nothing against pink,
I'm just not a pink girl. I used to be a pink girl, back in the day. However, spending 6 years in the university chemistry department, surrounded mainly by men had pretty much wrung the pink out of me. When you're the only estrogen maker in a sea of testosterone you tend to lose the girly-girly girl stuff in a bid for survival. I found out quickly that pink is not usually taken seriously and I wanted respect. So, out with the pink.

Fast forward to last year. I ordered some red cotton interlock from Wazoodle. What came was not red, but pink. I contacted Wazoodle and was told that the proper fabric would be shipped out immediately and that I could just keep the pink knit. Talk about excellent customer service! Then it hit me - I was now the proud owner of 3 yards of light pink interlock. What on Earth would I do with all that pink? Needless to say, I never formulated a plan and the pink fabric sat in my stash for a year. That is, until this past weekend when I realized that I needed a new lounging outfit for around the house. Out came the pink knit and the rest, shall we say, is history.

The top is Jalie 2682 and the pants are V2989.

I have made the Jalie top several times before and I am smitten with it. I love the collar on this one. It goes together quickly and looks unique and interesting - it's a bit more exciting than a plain T-shirt.

I had planned on using the Vogue pattern to add a few much needed pairs of pants to my work wardrobe. As much as I would like to wear skirts every day, it isn't always practical, like on really cold winter days or on the days that I am crawling around an over stuffed book room at school. I figured I could whip up a muslin and satisfy my need for lounge wear at the same time. I am so glad I made a muslin of these pants - they are definitely not "fit-me-straight-out-of-the-envelope" pants. The rise on these pants is short- very, very short. Let me clarify by saying that I do have a fairly long rise and I don't like my pants too much below my belly button, but even with all that said, these pants are scandalous! I figure I will have to add at least three inches to the top to get these pants from Brittney Spears wannabe to respectable school teacher. Also, these pants are long - I always have to take length off my pants (the woes of being a short runt) and these pants are no exception. I had to remove 3" from the bottom. I will certainly have to make another muslin before cutting into my good fabric or I can just scrap the whole thing and go with a pattern that I know fits better. Right now, I'm unsure of what I will do.

After a few fitting fixes on the pants they are wearable around the house (which is all that they were intended for anyhow) and the top is great as usual.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Okay I wanna see you in this pink outfit with my own eyes...only then will I believe that you made it for you! And I am just NOT gonna comment on the new statement...uh uh not one blessed word...

Sharon Sews said...

I'm with Carolyn - let's actually see you wearing the pink :-) I really like pink, but come to think of it when I did sales and worked and sold mainly to men I didn't wear pink either.

Summerset said...

LOL. I don't do pink, either! A bit to froufy for me. I did make an exception for the Vogue Couturier dress I made because the fabric was vintage and the lady who gave it to me expected me to make something great. Once in a while it will make an appearance in an art ensemble but that's it!

Katie Alender said...

Maybe this is the adjustment you made, but a simple fix for that situation is (either post-sewing or in the cutting stage) to scoop the crotch seam deeper. This not only gives you a longer rise but also lets the pants sit higher on your hips, removing extra length.

Forgive me if this is common knowledge... I just rescued a pair of a-little-TOO-hip pajama pants using this technique. I wouldn't do it to a pair of silk slacks, but if there's a pair of casual pants it's a quick fix.