9 August 2007

All Aboard!

I'm about to embark on a sewing adventure and I'd like to invite you all along for the ride. I have two major projects on the go and I will be documenting the progress on these projects here.

Project One - Go With the Flow Dress
I will be using a rayon chiffon purchased from Timmel Fabrics to create view A of Vogue 2962, a re-release of a vintage pattern. Below you can see a long shot and a close up of the fabric, as well as the pattern. The rayon fabric is sheer so it will be lined with a deep raisin fabric. I have already cut out the fashion fabric and the lining and let me tell you, the rayon chiffon is a bear to work with. Can you say slippy, squiggly, flowy...ugh! But it's all cut out and assembly has begun. I'll update as I go along.

Project Two: CONTROL Suit

I am using a brown/green tweed for the jacket and a luscious dark sage green wool for the skirt. Both fabrics are from Timmel Fabrics. The pattern for this suit is 100% authentic vintage, Butterick 4557. Below are the two fabrics, as well as the pattern cover picture. The jacket will be the real challenge here, as I am going to tailor it as much as possible. There will be bound buttonholes, functional flapped pockets, pad-stitching, sew-in interfacings, lining, etc...the whole nine yards. I love this pattern - it reminds of something Agent 99 would have worn on Get Smart (hence the name of this project). I have cut out the fashion fabric and the lining. I have also put in tailor tacks for the important matching points on the jacket. As I construct the suit, I will post about it.


Vicki said...

I'm in! How exciting. Both fantastic projects. Will you be doing both at the same time?

I am particulaly interested in the suit - and yes it is very Agent 99!

Tany said...

How exciting!! I'm in too!

Kitty Couture said...

Now I'm almost wishing we weren't leaving on holiday tomorrow, Shannon! OK, not really. LOL. We've been waiting for that trip for too long. That being said, it'll be very exciting to come back in a week and see your progress on both projects. I'm particularly tickled by the dress. This is one of my favourite Vogue vintage re-releases. That warm colour scheme will suit you so well, too - great choice. You are going to look fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's 99's jacket, all right!!

All the fabrics are great. You really have a good eye.

Summerset said...

Gorgeous projects - it will be fun to see these come together!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Wow! You went from quick and easy to difficult and all encompassing in a hop, skip and a jump! Now since you promised to share the process, I am going to need updates - frequently so that I will feel like I am participating in the project!!!!:)

Oh yeah - I like the fabrics and the projects, too!

Anonymous said...


I've been working with those slippy fabrics recently. I've used a tip I saw in the current issue of Threads.

Liquid starch in the rinse cycle on the prewash.

Since you have already cut out the pattern you may want to try spray starch. I like Niagara's spray bottle top liquid starch better than the aerosolized starchs.

Test it on your scrap fabric and see how it comes out.

I've also found that just spraying chiffon with water and ironing it will give it enough body and friction to behave when sewing.


Linda L said...

These projects look interesting. Really like the suit fabric. Along with many others we will be watching your progress.

Anonymous said...

Love the projects. Suits, especially 60's style, are my weakness. I'll be watching every move. Too bad I', old enough to remember agent 99 from prime time 60's TV!

Anonymous said...

I love your upcoming projects! I can't wait for the ride....

Cherie said...

What great projects, can't wait to see your progress and your explanations, they are so helpful, always. I'm gonna get my blog up this week, but in Phoenix, I won't be sewing those wonderful wools for a long while!