27 July 2007

Tulle Time

With all 50s dresses and skirts I make, I really need a petticoat. I have looked everywhere for a premade version, but everything I find is either way too expensive or too big. So, what's a seamstress to do? Why, make one of course!

I bought 6 yards of black tulle netting at Fabricland and set to work. I wanted the petticoat to be between 24" and 26" long. I planned on using a premade black slip as a lining layer, by affixing the netting to it. Each netting layer was cut out to be twice as long as the previous layer. As well, each layer was cut with 1" seam allowances. Below is a summary of the finished layers:
The construction was simple - sew each layer into a circle and then gather each layer by cinching up a basting stitch. Attach each layer to the next smallest layer and sew together. Not hard - just time consuming - and boring. Although this project was not much fun (man, I hate, hate, hate gathering), I think the result is pretty darn good. Take a look:

I included two photos. I like the second one because it shows the layers and the slip acting as a lining (no scratchy fabric on the legs).

I have almost finished work on a black brocade party dress. I just need to hand hem it and then I'll post photos. I need the dress for tomorrow, so I better get on my horse...


Summerset said...

You should have posted you needed a pattern! I have two vintage petticoat patterns would have been more than happy to loan you one or trace off a copy and photocopy the instructions!!!!!

At any rate, it looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing it with the intended dress.

Kitty Couture said...

It looks great! Can't wait to see it in action. :)

Anonymous said...

In my closet, I have a 1950's petticoat that had belonged to my SIL. It is made almost identical to the one you created except hers is very scratchy. Great job!
Marty in West TN

Vicki said...

But you have so many party dresses!!! But I suppose a girl could always do with one more ;))