5 June 2007

Simplicity 4045 - Skirt

Pattern: Simplicity 4045 - view C - skirt

Size: This pattern comes in sizes 6 to 14 - I made size 8.

Fabric: Chocolate brown linen/rayon blend from Fabric Mart.

Project Photo:
Comments: I wanted a skirt to wear with the striped turquoise eyelet top and this pattern called my name. The skirt has pleats front and back which keep the waist and upper hip smooth and fitted. There is a side zipper (I chose to do use an invisible zipper as I like the clean line it provides) and a very small waistband.

Conclusion: I like this skirt - it is simple and easy. However, if I make it again, I will taper in a fair bit at the waist. The hips fit perfectly, but the skirt gapes at the waist, since I have a 12" difference between my waist and hips.


Sharon Sews said...

Oh I like this skirt! I actually only noticed the dress in the pattern - I'm glad you pointed out the skirt. I like anything that flares yet gives a smooth fit around the hip.

Tany said...

I love it too! pleats are so in and it will look lovely together with the striped turquoise eyelet top!

angie.a said...

CUTE skirt! Ok, on the yellow/brown dress dilemma...still looking for a pattern! NewLook 6605 is a top pattern that has a similar ALMOST racerback style & band (but a v with tiny gathers in front. Easy enough to convert to round by the look of it though). NL 6655 is a great racerback style, but is a very high neck top. VERY cute btw. ;)

Think you're gonna have to morph a couple patterns together, but if you just need racerback style lines I think the 2 above are a great starting point, combined with one of your dress patterns below!

Summerset said...

Perfect! As a bonus, there's a cute top in that pattern, too.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Shannon,
I must be on your wavelength because I either have already bought, or planned to buy, so many of your patterns! As to this Simplicity...how about using the dress as a starting point for the Milly number? If I fold out the gathers at the top where the dress meets the band, I may have something there. I think I could change the back to something looking like the Milly back too.
What do you think? Also, thanks for the positive write-up on the Butterick top too. I have that one in my plans.
Auntie J

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Ohmygosh - I have been praying to the sewing gods for weeks that I could see something, anything that Shannon was making! I guess that fabric pledge that I made finally tipped them over...and now here this afternoon, Nirvana! There are posts with actual sewn garments! Of course, it is not necessary to say that the pieces are beautiful. I knew they would be! It's just soooo great to know that somewhere in the wilds of Canada, the Kenmore is humming and Shannon is sewing! What next? Peace on earth! *LOL*