15 April 2007

What Goes Around, Comes Around

I have been asked where I purchase my vintage patterns, so I thought I would provide a list of online sources. I also stalk antique stores and thrift stores (Salvation Army, Good Will, Value Village). As well, many of the large pattern companies (Vogue, Butterick and Simplicity) are re-releasing some of their retro patterns).

Each of these links takes you directly to the vendor's website, so if you want to came back here, either use the back button or open the link in a new window.
  1. eBay
  2. Lanetz Living
  3. Mom's Patterns
  4. Cemetarian
  5. Rusty Zipper
  6. The Cupid and the Swan
  7. Vintage Martini
  8. Paper Pursuits
  9. Patterns from the Past
  10. Grandma's House
  11. Decades of Style
  12. Fuzzy Lizzie
  13. Northbreeze
  14. Blue Gardenia
  15. Out of the Ashes
  16. So Vintage Patterns
  17. Eva Dress
  18. Mystique Vintage
  19. Woodland Farms Antiques
  20. Heavens to Betsy Vintage
These are the first places I look when I want a "new" old pattern. If anyone knows of any others, please leave a comment, I would love to add them to my list.


Summerset said...

Here's another one, MOMSPatterns. http://www.momspatterns.com/ Jen is really nice and will really work with you!

ifthisistuesday.wordpress.com said...

Here's another: www.vintagemystique.com The sewing patterns are listed under collectibles

Mystique*61 said...

Hi - thanks for listing me here (actually it's Mystique Vintage:) & great blog! Karen.

Shannon said...

Summerset & Lisa - thanks for the heads up on a couple more sites.

Karen - love your site - sorry about the typo. :)