24 April 2007


The SWAP collections are up for perusal. It is a record year - 31 SWAPs in total. Go check it out at Timmel Fabrics. The number of fabulous garments is awe-inspiring. Choosing just three favourites is going to be tough. I am very honoured to be included among so many talented women.


Anonymous said...

Just saw your swap. Wow! What a fabulous combination of color and style. I just love it. You really picked the colors and styles that work great for you. Good Luck!

Dinah said...

I LOVE your swap garments. I went to the site with all of the entrants and I KNOW people might say I'm biased because I read your blog....BUT I sincerely think your entry is #1 - garments, style, your modeling, the photo's - the whole nine yards. I wish you the best of luck in it!

angie.a said...

I'm TOTALLY not biased :o) But your is definitely my top pick too!!! And I swear Jennifer Love Hewett just wore a knockoff of your black dress on Ghost Whisperer last night, LOL.

Good luck!