12 March 2007

Embroidery and Sequins and Satin, Oh My!!

Pattern: Simplicity 7990 (copyright date 1968)

Size: size 8 - bust 31.5", waist 23", hip 33.5"

Fabric: mottled coral, green, orange and brown satin with linear embroidery and sequins from Fabricland

Project Photo: On the left is the front view and on the right is the back view.
Comments: This is another dress for my SWAP. I had already done a muslin for this dress, so I was confident of the fit before I dove in and cut out the good fabric. When I first saw this fabric, I knew I had to have some of it. I was putting together SWAP fabrics and this one spoke to me.

The construction for this dress is the same as for the muslin, so I will not reiterate the details here. I do want to point out the underlining/lining fabric though. I bought a satin brocade home dec remnant one day, with no real plans for it. When I saw it with the mottled satin fashion fabric, I knew it was a match made in heaven. Little did I know, that this fabric would be a small nightmare to work with. Holy fraying, batman!! This fabric ravelled like crazy if you so much as glanced sideways at it. After much swearing, I managed to wrestle it into submission. You can see results in the photo to the right - this is the complete inside view of the dress. In the photo at right, you can see a close up of the fabric and the seam tape that I used to clean finish the neck and shoulder facings. I have to say, I am just as pleased with the look of the inside of the dress as I am with the outside. Due to the heavier underlining/lining fabric, this dress is fairly substantial. I love pulling it off the hanger to put on - it just feels good. There is a decent amount of hand finishing in this garment. The neck and armhole facings, complete midriff lining and hem (which you can see in the photo at right) were tacked down manually. For anyone that reads my blog regularly, you know I am a huge proponent of the hand finish. In my opinion, it makes the garment hang better because the hand finished areas are more flexible and light. At this point, all I have left to do is remove the sequins from the turned under portion of the hem - I don't want them to catch on my stockings or scratch my legs.

Conclusion: I love this dress. It is comfortable and flattering. For what more could I ask?


Eithne said...

this is truly beautiful.Your work is so inspiring and its great to see those vintage patterns come to life! I love your blog and your clothes!keep it up.:)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and see the finished garments you made, they are beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

Linda L said...

I love this dress, too! It is simple gorgeous. You did a great job. The fabric really appeals to me, those are my colors 2. You are right what more can you say.

Summerset said...

Very interesting fabric.

I agree about the handfinishing - time consuming, but superior results.

Tany said...

Beautiful dress, I like your fabric choice too; I also enjoy reading your blog and I find your work very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

You are really doing fantastic work on your vintage SWAP. One thing you are great at is picking flattering styles for yourself. And you stick to your palette too. All in all, just inspiring work!
Auntie J

Betty said...

Awesome. And I don't use that word lightly.


Liana said...

Just beautiful. The fabric is superb, and the dress is worthy of it. Enjoy wearing it!

Vicki said...

Shannon, this is stunning! Reading blogs such as yours really gives others ideas for things that we wouldn't have thought of in a million years - eg the home dec fabric for lining!

Marji said...

Beautiful work Shannon! ;) you could wear this inside out as your reversible garment ;)

angie.a said...

Beautiful! I had to look twice to figure out which was lining and which was outside!! :) Perfect colors for you.