25 February 2007

Queen of the Ottoman Empire

I love Ottoman Rib 4-way Stretch Fabric. I made two pairs of pants last year (one pair was included in my 2006 SWAP) with ottoman rib fabric and I wear them to death. They stretch just enough to be comfortable (like pajamas), but they don't stretch so much that they're sloppy (like pajamas). The fabric is sturdy, but drapey and it skims over the body beautifully. Once again, I LOVE this fabric. So, when I saw that Laura of Lucy's Fabrics had posted some more on her site, I could not resist. I bought 3 yards of both the brown and black.

While there, I also picked up some leopard print cotton rib knit. Lately, I have had a craving for animal prints and this fabric is funky, without being tacky, IMHO. I have a vintage sweater pattern on its way to me and I think it would be perfect in this fabric.

In other news, I have been continuing to sew for SWAP lately. I just haven't had much to post about. I am almost finished the wearable muslins for a SWAP top and skirt. I have also cut out a SWAP dress, jacket, skirt and top, as well as the muslin for another top. Hopefully, over the next few days, I will have something to show you.

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Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Shannon - our tastes are soooo similar! I drooled over the leopard print also but held off on buying it...that FM mailer is in and has me in knots! Can't wait to see what becomes of your leopard print!