6 January 2007

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together ... I Think

Gaylen (who, by the way, has the some of the cutest pooches on the planet) asked me if I had a SWAP 2007 plan published somewhere and I realized that I had sort of roughed out some ideas as to the direction of my SWAP, however, nothing was set in stone. Well, like a diligent little SWAPper, I sat down yesterday and put together a plan (actually I have been agonizing over this for about 2 months now - sometimes my anal retentive nature gets the best of me).

I decided to do a dress SWAP this year, as have many of the other contestants. Since I have a reasonably large stash of vintage patterns, I decided to create the entire SWAP using these patterns. Also, since I have a need for a Prom dress (I chaperon Prom at the high school where I teach) and some other dressy clothing, I decided to do a vintage evening wear SWAP. I believe I will call it "Glam, Bam, Thank-you Ma'am". Now, I reserve the right to change my mind as I go along, because after all, I am a woman, but I think this plan is the plan.

I will provide all the interesting details for each piece as it is completed. In many cases, I was inspired by a great vintage garment I've seen for sale on eBay or another website. For now, here are the basics (the pattern, its description and the fabric photo):

Dress 1: Butterick 8020 (copyright date unknown) - "Scoop-necked, cap sleeved, Empire-princess dress has a swinging skirt, bowed empire band." - rust silk dupioni and copper ruffle knit

Dress 2
: Butterick 9690 (copyright date unknown) - "Full skirted dress with surplice bodice, shirred shoulders and a set in cummerbund." - black poly eyelet (purchase from Timmel)

Dress 3
: Vogue 4209 (copyright date 1961) - "Circular skirt joins fitted bodice at waist-line. Low front neck-line, higher in back. Short sleeves." - orange silk dupioni & beaded embroidered silk

Dress 4
: Simplicity 7990 (copyright date 1968) - "The underlined dress with lined bias midriff stitched to surplice bodice and gathered skirt has back zipper." - mottled orange/brown/green satin with sequins and embroidery

Jacket 1
: Simplicity 4123 (copyright date unknown) - "Lined jacket has kimono sleeves...and button and loop closing." - mottled orange/brown/green satin with sequins and embroidery

Jacket 2
: Vogue 2934 (Vogue Vintage Model - Original 1950 Design) - "Lined jacket, slightly below waist, has straight front and flared back, funnel neckline and three-quarter length sleeves with deep cuffs." - black faux Persian lamb & black silk dupioni

Bottom 1
: Simplicity 3881 (copyright date unknown) - "Misses' half circle skirt ... is street length." - black silk dupioni

Bottom 2
: McCall's 3489 (copyright date 1955) - Ten gore skirt with darts at waist and waistband. - coffee silk dupioni

Top 1
: Butterick 6886 (copyright date unknown) - "Brief, 'n scooped 'n sleeveless." - flocked lace knit

Top 2
: McCall's 3489 (copyright date 1955) - High-necked, sleeveless, fitted shell OR Advance 9111 (copyright date unknown) - "Shirtwaist blouse." - coffee silk dupioni

Top 3
: Simplicity 1954 (copyright date unknown) - "The "Dutch-Boy" look right out of Paris. Cropped lined jacket has bracelet length kimono sleeves, buttoned stand-away collar, shaped buttoned trim band at lower edge of back." - lightweight black wool with floral embroidery


Lisette said...

Shannon, I adore your choices! I am very jealous as I have absolutely no need for evening wear. It should all be beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love Your SWAP name!
Looking forward to seeing the dresses as they get completed.


Anonymous said...

Shannon, I love your SWAP. I have a collection of vintage patterns. But my era is the 60's. You have the tiny midriff to pull off these styles with flair! I was toying with the idea of a dress SWAP with my 60's patterns. Still might do it. Not a lot of fitting issues with them...mostly straight or A-line. I remember your Prom dress from last year...that was a stunner too.
Auntie J (Marguerite)

Unknown said...

Thanks Shannon! Love knowing what the plan is. I'm still considering playing this year - but the whole 1 item must be reversible really gets me!

I agree, and thank you, I think the hounds are pretty darn cute too! g

Sharon Sews said...

I am drooling! The fabric choices are wonderful and I love the idea of doing the whole SWAP from vintage patterns. Can't wait to see the progress!

Summerset said...

Gorgeous! I had thought of doing a SWAP from vintage patterns, but my daughter needs a wardrobe more than I do!

angie.a said...

LOVE it! Can't wait to see it all made up. Love the colors...wish I could wear them :)

I'm thinking summer beach vacation wear for mine, but on a less casual scale. (Um, that's kinda an oxy-moron I know!) I've just about finalized my order too! (although my plan is still in the planning stages).