29 September 2007

Kwik Sew 2856

Pattern: Kwik Sew 2856 - view A.

Size: KS2856 comes in sizes XS to XL. I made XS.

Fabric: Gold boucle sweater knit from Timmel Fabrics.

Project Photo
Comments: This is item number four completed in my fall/winter SWAP.

I have made this top before and I really like it for winter - it is so cozy. As with all Kwik Sew patterns, the drawing on the envelope does not do the pattern justice. This pattern is well drafted and easy to put together. I estimate I could whip up one of these sweaters (from cutting to hemming) in 1 to 1.5 hours. Talk about instant gratification!

The cowl neckline is very flattering on a small chested, pear shaped woman. It adds width in the shoulder region to balance out the hips and the drape of the cowl disguises the small bust.

Conclusion: I was never a huge fan of cowl neck tops until I made up this top - this pattern has certainly changed my mind. I have already cut out another version of this sweater in a drapey black knit.


Summerset said...

Hmm . . I'm not a fan of them either, just due to the fact that they can look too big and floppy on a small frame - as can a lot of things! This pattern though, does have promise!

When you're done with this wardrobe, are you going to post pictures of you in the outfits/pieces? I'd love to see them on you; it would help me to judge the relative size of things like the cowl neck. Plus, I love it when I can see a person wearing their new outfits with a smile!

Isabelle said...

My, you just zip through them, don't you Shannon! That's a beautiful top. I was wondering the exact same thing as Summerset - I really hope your husband can photograph you in your outfits as it is so different (and better!) to see your finished garments on you! Not to mention I always enjoy seeing your face :)

Vicki said...

I'm with Summerset and Isabelle, can't wait to see you in them. I have not considered this KS pattern but it does look very wearable made up.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, I bought this fabric from Julie too and was stuck on what to
make out of it. This top is a great solution. I'm letting you do all my planning and pattern selection from now on!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

*Raising hand here!* Everyone I think she is paying a bunch of sewing elves and stashing them in a back shed on her property! Cause these things are coming out just a little too quickly from the Kenmore to me...y'know what I mean! *LOL* Seriously Shannon, are ya sleeping at all!

This is a cute top and I can see how it will work with the other pieces!

Marty said...

It is such a pretty top. I've never considered Kwik-Sew patterns until this fall. I would love to see it on you also. You are definitely a prolific sewer (or have elves as Carolyn said). LOL!!!
Can't wait to see the rest of your SWAP.

Tany said...

Lovely!! The first word that came to mind when I saw the picture was "cozy". Gosh, you are quick!! I can hardly catch up with you!!!

Anonymous said...

I too have muttered about Shannon's prolificness recently. Then I realized what simple shapes she has been using and that she has used previously made (read that as "already altered") patterns for everything except the jacket. And she had made a different view from the jacket pattern previously.

So then I began to think of the sheer brilliance on display here. With so many garments scheduled to come out of the sewing room in the coming months, start with the instant gratification patterns!

Lovely work. Love the KS sweater.


Cidell said...

I adore the KS sweater. I've had such a hard time finding good sweater knits. I really think this is cute and think it will good on you.