28 September 2007

Loes Hinse Tango Skirt

Pattern: Loes Hinse Tango Skirt (view A)

: LH Tango skirt comes in sizes XXS (34" hip) to XXL (48" hip). I used size XS.

Fabric: Caramel RPL Gabardine from Timmel Fabrics.

Project Photo
Comments: This is item number three completed in my fall/winter SWAP.

Loes Hinse's patterns are renowned for providing a flattering garment with simple lines. The 10 gore Tango skirt is no exception. The multitude of gores not only make the skirt easy to fit, but provide nice elongating vertical lines. There is only one pattern piece to cut out and basically straight lines to sew. Can't get much easier than that!

I like the elastic waistband and I find it quite comfortable. On a straighter figure the waist would not be bulky at all. However, since I have such a large difference between my waist and hip measurement, I have a bit more bunching than I would prefer. I will be tapering the pattern piece in at the waist to eliminate bulk to get a smoother line next time I make this skirt.

The only change I made to the pattern was to shorten the skirt to 24". Gotta love those short legs!

Conclusion: I really like this skirt. I have already cut out a slightly longer version in a brown/navy reversible suiting.


Nancy (nanflan) said...

This is a favorite of mine, too! It goes together quickly, looks great, and is a lot of fun to wear.

Vicki said...

A couple of quick but very wearable pieces. They look so comfy too.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Nice...very nice! Is this what you did on your day off?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog. I love it. It's wonderful to see what your making.
Thanks again--Jan

Tany said...

I had a similar BWOF pattern made last year! I think the stylelines are most flattering!

Linda said...

OOOH, love the color of this skirt!