30 September 2007

Simplicity 3887

First, a few questions and comments:
  • Many commenters asked the same questions as Summerset, "When you're done with this wardrobe, are you going to post pictures of you in the outfits/pieces?"
Yup, my plan is to sew a few more pieces and then start showing some of the possible combinations. In all honesty, I haven't had a chance to model the clothes because I have been too inspired to sew lately. As many of you know, when the desire to sew, sew, sew hits, then you must sew, sew, sew!

  • Carolyn writes, "Everyone I think she is paying a bunch of sewing elves and stashing them in a back shed on her property! Cause these things are coming out just a little too quickly from the Kenmore to me...y'know what I mean!"
Jeez, Carolyn, I can't get anything past you, can I? And just for clarification - I don't pay them, so keep your voice down. If they hear all this talk of wages, the little suckers will unionize and then I'll be up a creek!

: Simplicity 3887

Size: S3887 comes in sizes 8 to 24 - I made size 8.

Fabric: Teal and caramel paisley from Fabricland.

Project Photo
Comments: This is item number five completed in my fall/winter SWAP.

I absolutely adore this fabric, as I have a special place in my heart for paisley prints. So, when I saw it at my local fabric store, I scooped up two metres without having a plan for it. I had used S3887 before and really liked the results. So, I decided to use it again, but this time I made the long sleeved version. As was my previous experience with this pattern, everything went together smoothly to produce a cute, trendy top.

Conclusion: I really like the match of fabric and pattern in this garment (although the photo doesn't really do either one justice). This will be a wonderful addition to my work wardrobe.


Summerset said...

Another cute top! Yes, I like paisley, too. It is one of the few types of print that I'll wear, besides my beloved stripes and plaids of course!

Anonymous said...

You are amazingly productive! I admire the way you pair fabrics and patterns; I think you have a great eye for fabric selection, which can be really difficult when buying from online fabric shops.
Linda M.

Vicki said...

Another great fabric choice and pattern.

Tany said...

Wow, gorgeous fabric!! Beautiful top!
(btw, could you lend me some of your sewing elves? I could use some help!)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I love paisley fabric and have been waiting to see this top made up! Nice, very nice...and BTW the elves, they told me they are holding their first union meeting tonite! *smile* The non-paying gig is up! Hope your negotiating skills are up to par...

Sigrid said...

Haven't been on your blog for a couple of days, and how much I've not yet seen is on! Great work and great inspiration. Just copied the SWAP chart, very helpful.
Those colors will be great on you, and like others, look forward to seeing you in your clothes.

LauraLo said...

My God, I was away for the weekend, and when I come back, blogline show me you've made four garments! Four!!! You're amazing, Shannon! Everything looks beautiful and the colours are to die for

Sharon said...

Great fabric and pattern pairing. So where can I find those elves? I have a rather large shed in the back yard and I could really, really, really use some sewing help!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Mmmm, Shannon I would watch out if I were you. Sharon might be willing to pay those elves a little something extra. They might end up trekking or "sledding" down to Minnesota...maybe you need to go check on them! *LOL*

Adrienne said...

I love this top! I've made it once already and plan on making it again for the fall!

Lisa C. said...

I just love checking out what you are making. It inspires me to sew!

Are you entering the SWAP at Timmel Fabrics this spring? I like their twist of using a "wardrobe" pattern.

I, too, want your elves!!!!!!