17 October 2007

New Look 6327

Pattern: New Look 6327 - view D

Size: NL6327 comes in sizes 8 to 18. I used size 8 for the waist and 10 for the hip.

Fabric: Camel RPL Gabardine from Timmel Fabrics.

Project Photo:
Comments: This is item number six completed in my fall/winter SWAP.

I have had this pattern for a while and I just never got around to making it until now. I am a big fan of patterns with vertical panels and flare at the bottom, so my desire for this pattern is a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, my first go at this skirt ended in disaster. I flat pattern measured and I was sure it would fit. So, I cut out the pattern, sewed up the seams, overcast the seams, topstitched the seams and inserted the zipper. Just before attaching the waist finish and hemming, I decided to try on the skirt. It was too big. How did this happen? Well, in my enthusiasm to complete another garment, I forgot to take into account the stretchiness of the RPL fabric. At this point, there was no way I was going to pick apart all those finished and topstitched seams - there are easier ways to drive yourself crazy! It's moments like this that bring me back down to earth. Here am I, an advanced seamstress, pretty darn confident in my fitting and sewing skills - and then, whammo, a dose of humility! I guess pride really does come before the fall! :)

So, back to the drawing board. I decided to cut out the same size this time, but to sew slightly deeper seams. The fit this time was much better.

The construction of this skirt is quite simple, so I won't linger on it. However, I do want to talk about a few embellishment tweaks. I topstiched the central front and back panels with brown buttonhole thread. I also sewed on a brown cording and "leather" trim at the base of the skirt where the straight panels join to the ruffle. I think this gives the skirt a bit more interest.

Conclusion: A simple skirt with great lines. All in all, an excellent addition to any professional wardrobe.


Vicki said...

Nice addition to the wardrobe! Lucky you had enough fabric for a second go.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Very, very cute!

Summerset said...

Very nice - I like the long vertical lines.

marty said...

Love the trim. Sometimes we all have brain freeze which is what I think happened when you did not take into account the "stretch" factor. Now, you have a lovely skirt in your SWAP. Congrats!

LauraLo said...

Very nice! And the embellishments make it stand out.

Tany said...

Beautiful skirt and I love the embellishment detail!

Isabelle said...

Lovely skirt! The trim is perfect.

miss twist said...

Refresh my memory--RPL is rayon-poly-lycra?

As I recall, you use lots of it. What do you like about it?

My experience with lyrca/spandex is only from a cotton stretch poplin with 2% spandex added. I didn't much care for it 'cause it seemed to reduce the fabric's breathability and made my spring jacket far to heavy.

I've been to Ontario in the winter--maybe you aren't concerned with fabric being *too* warm. :)

Anyway, your input on the joys of rpl would be appreciated.

miss twist

sisidaboom said...

O Shannon, you make me feel so much better. Admitting to less than perfection. I thought I was the only one with completed or near so projects that were a disappointment. But what will you do with the first skirt? I keep them around like little trophies of my defeat that drains my creative juices.

gaylen said...

Shannon, the skirt is lovely. I really like the added embellishment. Can't wait to see you putting the pieces together. g

jemima bean said...

Gorgeous garments coming from you right now! I'm knee-deep in school stuff, but your Tango skirt is making my mouth water! I need to do some more of these.

Linda said...

Now I know why I always buy extra fabric for that one moment when I go "what was I thinking when I made this size". Lovely skirt and glad you could make a "do over"