14 October 2007

Back on Track

Well, for obvious reasons, I have been sidelined in my sewing pursuits lately. Today, however, is the day. The day to regroup...the day to refocus...the day to recommit! I have a fall/winter wardrobe plan in progress and I will not give up on it now. I had a skirt almost finished two weeks ago and it needs to get finished (today). I also have another (not in the plan) skirt just waiting for a hem and waist treatment.

I will admit to not feeling very inspired lately, but it's amazing what buying a butt load of fabric and patterns can do for a person's psyche. So, yesterday I went cyber-shopping.

First Stop : Fabric Mart
We all know about the big wool sale at FM. I finally gave in yesterday and purchased some gabardines (black and taupe) and crepes (mustard and dark periwinkle), along with an Anna Sui silk charmeuse (on sale too).

Second Stop: Sawyer Brook
Although I have done a bunch of browsing at SB, I have never taken the plunge and purchased anything. Yesterday, one of their fine wools spoke so loudly to me, I knew it was fate. The wool of which I speak is named Curcurbits and it is a multicoloured wool tweed. While browsing the sale category, I also picked up some avocado wool double knit (for $12/yd!!) and some wool/cotton/lycra suiting in desert (the off-white one on the right in the third photo below).

Third Stop: Lanetz Living
I love LL. I would love to pile up all her patterns and roll in them (seriously). So, yesterday, I went, I browsed, I bought. BTW, take a look at the last pattern - am I the only one terrified by the envelope art that McCall's used in the 70s? **shudder**


Anonymous said...

Is the Anna Sui silk a panel 44" wide X 28" long? If so, I'm curious what you plan to make with this and how you work with fabric that comes in panels. I often pass up fabric I love because I don't know how to work with panels.
Thanks. Paula

Isabelle said...

Great choices, Shannon! Fabric and patterns can be indeed a great way to put you back on track.
You're bad, though, bad. You led me to yet another fabric site that I didn't know of (Sawyer Brook). The shipping rates to Europe are probably prohibitive, but still - another collection of fabrics to drool over!

It's good to see you back Shannon. You've been in my thoughts and prayers. *Hugs*

Sigrid said...

Good to see you're back. And I agree that there's something comforting and inspiring in buying fabrics and patterns. You certainly bought great fabrics. Love the tweed from SB (and like Isabelle, I'm only withheld by the high shipment rates to Europe to immediately go to that site and order).

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Hey babe ~ I know how you feel...not 100% but fabric and patterns always comfort. The week after my father was buried, I holed myself away in my room with my sewing machine and cried and sewed. Somehow it made facing the world a little easier.

Glad to see that you didn't miss the Fabric Mart sale! And I love the patterns that you got from Lanetz Living...but we won't talk about the fact that you can use a Jrs size 11!

Can't wait to see the new skirts!


Cherie said...

Love your fabrics - I too was enamored by that SB curcurbits tweed. And the patterns, I agree with the scary art! I never could quite see the real pattern for the art, kinda like the 40's babes who were standing like curvy snakes - how does one's stomach stick out a foot from one's boobs? Anyway l like that jumper pattern a lot, and the check suit has some great design details. Fabric and patterns are very like gardening, it brings hope for the future, and certainly that feels good at the end of the day after a period of grief.

Mamapicklejuice said...

Don't have much to say except, yay, you're back! Been thinking of you.

Maureen said...

I'm glad you are back, too.
After my mother died this spring I would go into the sewing room and say to myself"Sew! Just sew!" I let the tears fall but I kept sewing! It really helped.


Tany said...

I'm so glad to have you back and feeling so inspired! I can foresee a lot of fabulous garments coming soon!!

Carla said...

I'm glad you're back :) Take care.

marty said...

Shopping always perks up my spirits when I'm down. Cannot wait to see what you create from your purchases. Hugs to ya.