16 May 2007

I Love the Smell of Rayon in the Morning

Lookie what I just bought:

Isn't it absolutely wonderful? The print on this rayon/spandex jersey is breathtaking. I'm not certain what I'll make from this fabric, all I know is that 3 yards are mine, all mine. Run, don't walk, over to Lucy's Fabrics if you want some for yourself.

If you get BWOF magazine, you will see this fabric used in a preview shot for the next issue on the second to last page. Also, check this out - the price of this fabric on this German website works out to around $33 US/yard - ouch!

ETA: Burda just put up their preview for the next issue. Here are the pieces made from this fabric:


stacy said...

Fun print! I still don't have my Burda magazine, but am anxious to see what they made up with this fabric!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Shannon ~ I looked at this, drooled and moved on. I can't wait to see what you do with this but sadly these prints don't fit my lifestyle anymore...*sigh*

MéLisa said...

I will be looking forward to seeing what you make from this. I was really excited to find the exact print that WOF used for a blouse a few months ago. Sadly it is still in the stash un-sewn, but then I actually do get to it I have the perfect fabric!

stacy said...

Alright... you talked me into it, I bought some!

Anonymous said...

I have never loved rayon more.


Beth said...

I see the skirt of the Kay Unger cap sleeve made up in this, then maybe do the bodice in a chocolate brown. Is a compatible fabric in chocolate brown out there somewhere? Maybe get the dress and figure out the pattern (or how to alter a similarly designed commercial one), then return the dress unworn.

Myself, I would not be able to buy the dress, then not wear it but I would justify my purchase by having copied it for the 2nd dress.

I also see a Dura dress with trim in aqua and choco brown. I wonder whether I see it on me?

Anyway, great fabric!

Madame C said...

Thanks for the link, I had visited Lucy's ages ago from here and forgot to bookmark it, of course when I needed it I couldn't remember where I had found it before. Soon, soon, soon I will have new bikinis!


Marji said...

I bought some too, then found out it was in the June Burda, then a couple of days ago posted about it on Pattern Review - so if you really do want some, go buy it now.
Shannon, between you and I Lucy's won't have any left.
Oh, did you also see that it is for sale on a German Fabric website for 21.95 Euros?

Katrin said...

I can´t believe that this fabric is so expensive here in Germany ! I bought it already some months ago and was really surprised to see it in the Burda magazine. Anyhow it is a really beautiful fabric.