26 December 2006

Boxing Day Sales

Well, I already got sucked in by the first Boxing Day sale & it's not even noon! Wazoodle is having a yard sale and frequent buyers get first pickin'. I ordered the following (hopefully, I get all my choices - sometimes things sell out):

Fleece - Lamb Fleece Chocolate
I really want to make a rag quilt, but I have too much on my plate right now to make that happen. So, I'm going to make this fleece into a throw blanket for my sweetie and me to snuggle under while watching TV. I figure I'll just bind the edges with some coordinating bias cut fabric and, voila - instant cozy cover!
Knits - Quilted Diamond Plate Jet Black, Interlock Teak Brown, Canterbury Knit Black & Jersey Grey Mix
The quilted double knit will either become a light spring jacket or will be used to line a coat. I'm not sure for what I will use the teak and the canterbury knits. The weave of the canterbury knit intrigues me - I'm really looking forward to seeing this fabric so "inspiration" can hit. The grey knit will become T-shirts for the husband.

Wovens - Melton Wool Blasam Green, Melton Wool Forest Green, Crepe Faced Stretch Twill Butter & Crepe Faced Stretch Twill Coral
Both melton wools will become coats - I have recently purchased some vintage patterns that are just crying out for this type of fabric. At $4.40 CDN per yd for a wool/cashmere blend, how could I pass them up? The stretch crepe fabrics will be used to bring to life a couple of 60s patterns that I bought off eBay in the last while. Although I don't love poly crepes, I figure at the very least I will get a couple of cheap wearable muslins.

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