26 December 2006

New Year's Re"sew"lutions

It's that time of year again - time to take stock of the past year and decide on goals for the next. Although I don't normally do this sort of thing, I'm going to toss caution to the wind & throw down the gauntlet. I am officially issuing myself a few challenges, to begin Jan 1st, 2007:
  1. I will sew mainly from stash. I will only allow myself to buy 1 m of fabric from each 5 m of fabric I sew up. If my stash gets any larger, I will have to buy a semi truck so I can use the trailer for storage.
  2. I will test drive all the new sewing machine feet I have bought in the past year. They aren't doing me much good nestled in the cute little box I bought for them - they must start earning their keep!
  3. I will use patterns more than once and develop some TNTs. I tend to use a pattern, keeping note of all the changes I will make the next time I use it. However, I rarely actually make the pattern again (when it comes to patterns, monogamy is not my strong point - I guess I'm just a pattern harlot).
  4. I will sew at least every other day - even if it's just a single seam.
  5. I will sew all of the boring stuff I never want to sew, but really need to sew (like white T-shirts).
So, tell me folks, what are some of your resolutions?


mamafitz said...

yes, it's that time of year, isn't it? i've been mulling over my goals as well, and will post about it in the beginning of the year, but it'll prolly be stuff like sew more for myself, and try to keep my in/out stats even. :)

Carole said...

I laughed when I saw your previous post when I saw the fabrics you ordered; then read about your resolutions not to buy any more fabrics! I am going over to the Wazoodle webpage right this minute. Your webpage gives me lots of smiles, keep up the good work.

Shannon said...

mamafitz - thanks for stopping by - I hope you have better luck with your in/out stats than I.

carole - remember, these are New Year's resolutions - it's not the new year yet! So, technically I can buy all I want until Jan 1st. :)

jemima bean said...

Ooh Shannon, I'm such a pattern hoochie mama too!! :D

Great list...I'm definitely going to work on the stash (today in fact), and my main goal is to sew more for myself. (Maybe I need a tangible goal for that though...every other day might kill me, but once a week I think I can manage!)

I'd also like to dust off the embroidery unit and start using it for embellishment! That's what I bought it for, after all.


Stephanie said...

This year I'm trying to keep my fabrics more organized into SWAPs or at least capsules, and then actually following through with at least half of the sewing I plan. That Textile Studio sale is a great excuse to stock up on some black and whites for the black and white wardrobe I'd love to sew, if only I had some black and/or white fabrics.