17 December 2006

Butterick 4865 - Wrap Jacket

Pattern: Butterick 4865, view D

: XS (4-6) - I normally use a 6 or 8 in tops and jackets and since this jacket is fairly oversized, I decided to go with the XS rather than the S, so that it would not look sloppy.

Fabric: Two Tone Brown Tweed (65% acrylic, 19% polyester, 16% wool) from Timmel Fabrics

Project Photo:

Comments: As soon as I saw this fabric in amongst the fall swatches from Timmel, I knew I had to make this jacket. The pattern is rated "fast and easy", likely due to a lack of lining. I debated back and forth about drafting a lining pattern before I began this project. In the end, I realized that I want to be able to wear this jacket to work over a shirt or light sweater and since I get warm quite easily, I decided against it. In terms of being fast, I figure it took me about 6 hours to complete this, from cutting out the fabric to quite a bit of hand sewing to hem, etc. All the hand sewing is not necessary, but I feel it gives the garment a better finish - besides I like having something to do with my hands when I'm sitting in front of the TV.
This jacket went together quite nicely; all the notches and markings were correct. The instructions were adequate (although I mainly just scanned them as I went). The only mistake I found was that they tell you to insert the sleeves into the jacket body for view A, B & C, but not for view D. I assumed this was just a typo and all views should have the sleeves added at the same point in the instructions.

Conclusion: I really like this jacket. This pattern is certainly not suitable for a couture creation, but I will probably use the other views to make more "casualish" jackets for work. I would only make one change. Next time, I will lengthen the body of the jacket, as it is a bit too cropped for my taste.


jemima bean said...

K. I must have this pattern! Look mahvelous ;)

Amy said...

oh! I like this very much.

I think I might have to make one for myself...I agree with you I'd make it a tad longer. Thanks for the tip. By the way...I invited myself to your blog hope you don't mind! you are quite witty!

Shannon said...

Thank you both for the kind words. It's always nice to have visitors!

cmarie12 said...

Great jacket as usual Shannon! I saw that fabric on Julie's site and it said nothing to me. It's nice to see it actually made up.