28 July 2012

I Love Fabric Mart

Yesterday, I showed you my new SWAP.  I mentioned that I still needed three fabrics to complete the plans.  Well, Fabric Mart came through for me with not only the fabrics I needed, but at a 35% discount to boot.  Yee Haw!  I have updated yesterday's post to reflect the addition of the new fabrics. 

While I was buying the three fabrics I needed for SWAP, I may have also tossed in another three goodies and a mystery bundle.

Behold the bounty:

These three are the SWAP fabrics (silk crepe de chine, silk blend burnout print & silk animal print):

And, these three are the "just 'cause" fabrics (all three are RPL suitings):

And, that my friends is why I <3 Fabric Mart - like a great friend, they are always there for me when I need them.  Now, I just hope that none of the SWAP fabrics sell out before they get to my order.  If that happens, I may have to cut a bitch.  What?  Seems harsh?  It's fabric acquisition, people - there is no room for niceties when it comes to fabric acquisition.  Sheesh, I thought you'd know that by now.


Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not ahead of you in line! ;)
They're all beautiful pieces!


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

LOL at your last paragraph! Don't get in the way of Shannon and her shopping cart! Seriously, I know what you mean about FM, they are killing me because I've stopped shopping...the ship sails in 21 days and I need to have vacay money! And I have loads of their other goodies in my fabric collection now. I'm sure that you will get your pieces their counters have gotten much better!

Linda T said...

Lucky for me that none of those fabrics were in my shopping cart when I pressed the "purchase" botton at FM. I'd hate to have you mad at me for getting your swap fabric! LOL

Carol said...

I just wish they posted to Australia!

Trumbelina said...

I had to read the line "cut a bitch" three times before it sunk in. hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, and can't wait for your wardrobe pics/reviews/posts.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Definitely no niceties in fabric shopping! Hope you get all your pieces.

angie.a said...

lol, at least I'm safe. I'm off fabrics (and sewing actually) for a while. :D Can't wait to see YOUR stuff though!

Ruth said...

I love Fabric Mart too. I look up their 50% & 35% sales and end up spending about a million pounds which the customs man ALWAYS catches and charges me another million pounds in tax! Carol, they post to UK so maybe Aussie too. Lovely stash - relatively well planned.

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